Working For A Living

I was whining to myself today about having to go back to work tomorrow after a long weekend. Then I remembered about some of the jobs I used to have.

I once worked in the women's clothing department in a large discount retail store in Springfield. I never got to announce a blue light special, but I could frequently be heard over the intercom saying "Housekeeping to the women's dressing room with a mop". Apparently not having a bathroom in the store was not about to stop some people from relieving themselves. Luckily I had my wisdom teeth ripped out that summer and it gave me an excuse to call in frequently.

I also worked as a counselor at a sports camp. I had always been athletic, but swimming and gymnastics were not two of my strong points and they were both big events at this camp. My favorite game to play with my group of precious darlings was Campers Lie Still. The kid who could lie (or is it lay - I can never remember that) quietly on the grass without moving for the longest period of time was the winner. Parent's Day was always fun, especially when it came to my group and gymnastic equipment. Love the expression on Mom when her kid lands flat on her face while attempting a penny drop from the uneven bars. Oops. No tips for CJ.

Done whining now.


Anonymous said…
My roommate in NYC was a camp counselor too. He would tell me funny stories of things he would get the kids to do.

Penny Drop? Ha-ha. Is that like dropping the clothes pin in a milk bottle?
Worse - it's like a kid hanging by the knees on the lower uneven bar and then somehow flipping off. If not done properly it's not pretty!

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