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Chia Head

Chia seeds. My latest health kick, along with aloe vera juice. Have you had aloe vera juice? Not the flavored aloe drinks but the actual juice? It tastes like a combination of b.o. and gasoline. Needless to say, I only managed to drink a few ounces of the stuff. Blondie has been holding her nose and gulping it down. Back to the chia. It has lots of fiber, protein and omega 3 and it tastes pretty good. I throw it on oatmeal, yogurt, or add it to juice. The fun with the chia is that those black little seeds find places to hide out in your teeth for hours. After lunch, I go to the women's room for a smile check. Then a couple of hours later, while you are in a meeting, one little seed that has been hiding behind your 3rd molar decides to come front and center. Hit the bathroom before driving home and you realize you had a lovely black thing or two  stuck in your choppers for the last half hour while presenting your point to group of colleagues. Now I understand why they make wh

Pole Shift Preparedness

I was watching one of those dooms day prep shows while working out on the treadmill in my basement. These people had a year's worth of food, enough guns and ammo to start a small war, pickle barrels for storing water that they were somehow going to turn into a heat source,  and just about any other survival supply one would need. Are we ready to handle the earth's the next pole shift?  Since I was already in the basement, it was the perfect time to assess the situation. Off to explore the storage shelves I went. What the hell was I thinking? This looks like trouble, real trouble I thought - until I looked on the shelf below. Yup. All good. I'll be sitting in my lawn chair on top of the hill on our back 40, drinking Jameson's and watching the fireworks. Enjoy sitting in your bunker Doomsdayers.

Colder Then A Witch's Water?

Some people see Angels in the clouds. Some see Saints in stained glass. Some even see the Pope in their toast. Guess what I see? Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice, be careful not to choke on the boob made of ice.

It's A Net Win

My deep thought for the New Year : Sometimes you just need to cast a net wide and far to see what you can catch.

When Is A Rum Ball Not A Rum Ball?

Need a little incentive to start the New Year's diet? Let me cook for you. Rum balls are easy! Rum balls require no baking! Rum balls look like goat poop when I make them: Apparently unlike Captain and Coke, more rum is a bad thing when added to this mix. And just for reference, below is a picture of some beautiful cookies, baked by the ladies of the Ventura Street Cookie Swap.  I was able to salvage a few of the rum balls to add to this mix. By supplementing with some store bought cookies, I could actually contribute to the collection below. So how 'bout that new diet? Looking for a personal chef? Call me!