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Heavy Hearts

Coco Chanel Chase November 26, 2010 Our loving and wonderful Yorkshire Terrier Coco passed away this morning at home in Blondie's arms. Coco was Blondie's sweet girl. She was loving and gentle and everything a human could want in a canine companion. For the last 15 years Coco was always by Blondie's side. Rest in peace Coco. We love you.

T&A Scanner

Oh look, she's got guns. I mean a gun. I'm not quite sure how I feel about full body scanners yet. I'm not thrilled with the idea of some stranger looking at my McGriddles and I'm a little leery of the radiation exposure. But the alternative may be worse. Have you witnessed an enhanced pat down? I think I would rather drop my pants right there in line than have a TSA agent grope my lady parts to see if I've got a bomb in my vajayjay. No, that string is not a detonation device. Your thoughts on scanners and pat downs?


We are out at a work reunion for Blondie at a local bar and a few of the very attractive straight women are telling us they love lesbians and are flashing us their breasts. " I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night / that tonight's gonna be a good night / that tonight's gonna be a good good night wooh hoo." - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Memorial Dr,Chicopee,United States

Irene Update November 20, 2010

So the big question now is whether or not to bring my Mother Irene home from the nursing home for the day on Thanksgiving. Before moving on, let me just say that if I can't have a mini bar in my room when I end up in one of these places then I'm not freaking going. Anyway, the plan was and still is to have Irene get strong enough and independent enough to move back in with my sister and her husband. So far that hasn't happened. Irene tells us she hates it there, despite it being, in my humble opinion, the nicest facility of its kind around here. And at 10K a month (I know this because she was on private pay until all the $$ ran out), my sister and I would love to have seen Irene back home by now. We're thinking it's a bit cruel to take her home for the day on Thanksgiving and then bring her back to someplace she dislikes so much. On the other hand, we are told that this might be good a good test to see how she does in the house. Irene is pissed and becoming a bit be

Let's Clear The Air

The crass posts just keep on coming folks. Sorry about that. These things just keep falling into my lap. The picture below is courtesy of Blondie who shot this at a Hallmark Store in Connecticut. At first I thought the sign had a typo. But no, it is an actual product. What really disturbs me is the object that looks like a roll of toilet paper to the right of the sign.

Say What?

I have an app for my phone called Words With Friends. It's basically the same as Scrabble and you can play friends who have the app on their phone or iPad. I was getting tired of having my friends kick my butt every time I played them. So I decided to let the app find an opponent for me, hoping it would select someone more on my level - like a 9 or 10 year old. The last word my mystery opponent played was 'gay'. Hmmmm. I then looked around the board to see what other words he/she had played as I honestly have not been paying too much attention. Rims, Goos, Jerk, Blue, Glide, Deep, Gay Is it me or could there be a reoccurring theme here? For my last word, I played 'toy' because 'y' is worth something like 4 points and because I'm trying to be a good sport here. I'm not sure if I am reading too much into this or he is trying to shock me. Whatever it is, I am up for the challenge. Because even though this person may be playing with suggestive words, th

A Message From Mary Palmer

Don't shoot the messenger. I didn't think of it - I just took the picture. And yes, I laughed when I read it. But so did my friends H and B (H is the hand model here). The other person we were with didn't think it was so funny. Wonder why?

Dinner Paving

This ad was on my placemat at dinner last night. I thought it sounded interesting so I Googled it. Apparently it is a real assphalt term. And here I was thinking it was something you would find described on Urban Dictionary.

Sunset Reds Massachusetts November 2010

Sarah can rant all she wants about tea, But here in Mass no red we see Unless of course it's in a tree. For last week when all was said and done We didn't send to Congress a single one (Republican that is)

Weekend Lists

Happy Saturday! I think Saturday is a much better chore day than Sunday don't you? Here is my list for today: Lower water level in the pool before it freezes Winterize motorcyles Pay bills Change sheets Do a little work-work from home Visit Irene in the nursing home Transfer the Halloween pics off my camera Here is what I will probably actually do: Screw around on the computer for hours See if it's my turn on any of the 3 games I have going on Words With Friends Go get a coffee at Dunkin Donuts Take a shower eventually Wait for Stiffy to arrive (yeah!!) Go out to eat Bitch about all the chores I have to do tomorrow Happy weekend all!

Open Wide

The son of my good friend Stiffy had his tonsils out yesterday. She sent me a text with a picture of him, lying in his hospital bed surrounded by stuffed animals. She was spending the night in his hospital room. His experience seemed little bit different then the time I had my tonsillectomy in 1970. Kids weren't treated to pre-admission tours, puppets, and caring staff back then. In fact, I think my dogs are treated better at the vet then the way kids were treated at the hospital 40 years ago. My father brought me to the hospital bright and early. Rather, I should say he "dropped me off" as parents were not encouraged to hang around like they are today. The room was large, about half the size of a basketball court minus the bleachers (or at least that's what it seemed like). Beds filled the entire perimeter of the ward. I remember being told to lie on my stomach. "Must be doing something hospital thing" I thought. Before I knew what was happening, a thermom