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Beer Crowd Is More Better

So the beer crowd at the Sun Wine Fest turned out to be a little more fun than the wine crowd. Basically the downstairs ballroom was all wine vendors. The upper level all rooms with beer. And then there were the blue haired girlz. Fun. Here is Blondie pretending to actually care about the energy drink they are promoting.

Wine, Cheese, and Beer. Oh dear.

Waiting to get our tasting glass now. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

A Fun Birthday Gag

If you take someone out to a restaurant for their birthday, it may be best to ask in advance if they actually like the dessert into which the wait staff will place the candle and present to them. Failure to abide by this rule may cause distorted expressions and/or strange noises to emanate from the guest of honor. Plus, it scares the patrons at the surrounding tables. Is spumoni really that bad?? Happy Birthday to my niece! Oh and sorry for snapping this shot right at the moment of impact. It was an accident.

Whach Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Ok, I admit to stealing this from Blondie's FaceBook page, but I thought it could be interesting. ANSWER THIS: If you and I woke up in jail together.....using only four words.....What would you say to me? This is what I would say to you: 1. More beer, bad idea. 2. Is that YOUR hand? 3. What's that wet spot? 4. Calling in sick today. 5. That bitch is big. 6. Toilet with no door? 7. Where is my shoe? 8. Orange is my color. 9. No drugs up there. 10. I want Detective Benson.

Stop Calling Me!

If I have one more phone message from A reola Brown or Ariel Brown or whatever the heck her name is, I am going to scream. I get it , I get it. Your Dad is Scott Brown and he is running against Martha Coakley and blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and just so you know, you had one organization call for your Dad this morning where the gentleman sounded like he had spent several years huffing paint and/or nail polish remover. I listened to his whole spiel just because I was worried he might pass out and hit his head on the desk. The woman that called this weekend had a very pretty southern accent. And although I found the sexy drawl intriguing, when I asked her Brown's position on gay marriage there was complete silence on the other end of the phone. Guess she wasn't from around these parts. You would have to be ill, infirm, and living under a rock not to know we have a big election tomorrow here in Massachusetts. My 84 year old Mother even knows - and she tries to cut loaves of bread

Irene Quote Of The Day Sunday Jan 17, 2010

A continuing series of discussions with my 84 year old Mother Irene. Don't ever discuss hearing issues with your elderly parents. Trust me on this one. Apparently my sister has a low voice and that's why Irene cannot hear her very well (translation - at all). And the doorbell? Well, that's because of the new screen door. And despite the fact that the television volume is loud enough so that the people in the next town over know what my mother is watching, that really isn't an issue either. Irene: "Have you ever notice that your sister has a very low voice?" CJ: "No I haven't." Irene: "You know, I don't need my glasses to hear the TV." Funny, neither to I.

Embarrassing Work Moment # 95

This is a picture of my hand resting on my desk at work. The time - approximately 2:30 pm. I wonder just how long has that dryer sheet been sticking out of the end of my sweater?

A Post With Some Bite (Starring Blondie's Teeth)

With her wonderful charm and wit, Blondie had them all eating out of the palm of her hand. And to think some folks just actually use a lunch box for lunch. Here, Blondie demonstrates how one can store everything needed for eating in one easy place. Have your dog along for the ride? No problem! Their teeth can be kept in their own separate storage container right next to yours! Ok, so maybe you shouldn't play with your food but you can play with your teeth! Here Blondie creates a a beautiful piece of art from used body parts. Way to think outside the box Blondie!

Driving, Driving, Driving REVISITED

I wanted to thank you all for your great comments on my last post. You have encouraged me at a time when I really needed it. I so appreciate all your thoughts. Jude - You did a 70 mile commute each way for 10 years. That's cool. Small Town - 1220 miles a week huh? What the heck am I complaining about? Mon - I love that fact that people in big states just do this sort of drive with no whining. Shrinky - Yes, a break would probably be a good idea. January is a long, cold month. Solo - That would be a nice ride on a motorcycle wouldn't it? When are we going? Nulaanne - I was thinking it was a Mass thing. Folks here don't even like to drive to Boston which is only about 80 miles west of here. Mrs. Moto - Your comment was great. I love "I live where I want to live and I work where I have to." I am going to borrow that one if you don't mind. It's so true . Weese - Forty miles can be as bad as 70 if the traffic is bad. I'll add you to the ranks of an

Driving, Driving, Driving

I'm tired. Mentally and physically tired. And I'm thinking my commute may be getting the best of me. I drive 68 miles to work each way. On the plus side, it's technically a 35 hour week. So instead of sitting behind a desk for an extra hour a day, I sit in the car. I also get to work one day a week from home. That's a nice perk. Unfortunately the work load requires much more than 35 hours and I find myself working through lunch and staying at least a half hour extra each day. I'm fairly certain that any other job working with this particular software would require at least a 40 - 45 mile (again each way) commute. And probably a 40 hour/week commitment. That would only save me about a half hour a day compared to what I have now. And I know I shouldn't be bitching. I have friends who do the long commute as well. I have friends who work locally and are gone more hours a day than I am. I've had good blogger friends tell me that 68 miles each way is not consid


I'm cheating a little bit today by using the same photo on two different blogs. I took this picture on the campus at which I work. It's a shower stall, curtain and all, that is propped up against the wall of the art building. It doesn't look like a free standing structure, so I'm guessing that it is some sort of project. I think it's pretty creative. But then again I'm not the one dishing out the 50K for tuition.


Is it me or do Sunday nights sort of suck? I'm having a hard time today. I've been on a work break since December 24th because the university where I work shuts down between Christmas and New Years. I told myself I would log in, work from home, get caught up so I wouldn't be so stressed out when I went back. But of course I didn't because I was just as behind at home with getting things picked up, errands run, and so on. And I had absolutely no desire to sign into work. None. So I am a bit anxious tonight. I like my job well enough but to be honest, if I never had to write another piece of code again I wouldn't miss it. Speaking of crappy things, the dog just used the kitchen floor as a bathroom while I was writing this. I had just put her out but apparently it was too cold to do everything, so she saved a little something for indoors. And now for the best part - dog #2 decided to live up to her rank by ingesting a few bites of #1's #2. Ummm - tastes like chic

Nutritionist's Nightmare Lunch

Yes, I made a resolution to lose weight. But in order to do that, I need to go on a little binge, stuffing my cake-hole with junk food until I am so disgusted with myself that the above no longer tempts me and eating healthy will not feel like such a chore. Today my lunch consisted of boneless wings, waffle fries with cheese, chili, and sour cream, an open face turkey sandwich on Texas toast with mashed potatoes, and one large beer with which to wash it all down. And I can say is "Yum, yum, yum." Hey, there's not a lot to do here in Massachusetts in the winter. I was bored. And hungry. And come on, I know there are a handful of you out there that thinks this looks good. Fess up fellow bloggers ! It's cold and gray in my home of Mass, Wings make me warm but stick to my ass. All food with a great taste, Seems to hang on my waist, It's treadmill time for this beer drinking lass.

Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve! We had a great night hanging with our good friends H and B, eating lots of fattening food, drinking beer, and laughing. My buddy Ronia and I are starting a new blog today, take 365 pictures , where the goal is for each of us to shoot and post one picture per day for one year. Ronia lives in Vancouver, I live in western Massachusetts. I'm looking forward to this new project. Here is another ink blot test for those of you up to the challenge. This is another recent picture from the pool cover. I think it looks like streptococcus. Or a sex toy. Have a wonderful holiday everyone.