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Into Every Pint, A Little Rain Must Fall

C'mon! Don't be a wimp. A little rain never kept us away from our pints and nachos. Cheers!

Not Before Eating I Hope

Well, maybe you did. And if so, here is the product for you.

What's That On Your Lip?

My apologies for being among the missing lately. I have not, nor will I willingly, give up posting on Martini Cartwheels. To prove I am still as klutzy and crazy as ever, I will share you with this picture which demonstrates the hazards of leaving lip balm in your car in the summer and applying said lip balm immediately upon entry in the vehicle. It's clumpy. Lots of goings on, primarily with work and a recent changing of the guard which has forced me to start looking for a new job. My goal is to find something closer than 68 miles from my home and one which pays closer to the going market rate. I tried my hand at being a professional gambler yesterday. After losing at roulette and 4 card poker, I have changed my mind. The free drinks are enticing but they will not pay the mortgage. I'll stick to application development (that's a 25 cent word for programmer/analyst). If I had my druthers however, I would prefer to be one of the following: 1. Professional blogge

Is It Friday Yet?

Here's a novel idea. Why don't I post something? So tomorrow starts the summer flex schedule at work which means I have to get up a bit earlier and therefore I should really get my arse to bed. But I'm installing Photoshop Elements and I really want to see it complete so here I sit. The summer schedule is 4 xx hours days (what ever 35 divided by 4 plus a 45 minute lunch equals) with Fridays off. Fridays off are good because by the time it rolls around, I am so freaking exhausted. Not sure why I do this schedule exactly, as it gets to be a real pain. Somehow the thought of having Fridays off in the summer sends some sort of endorphin rush to my brain whereby my mind then tells my body that leaving the house before 6:00am and returning 12 hours later is really not so bad after all. But it is. Can I get some cheese with this whine?