The First Pain Of Christmas

Tree is up. Got that out of the way today. My quads are killing me from going up and down the steep, rickety, pull down stairs that lead to the storage above the garage where the ornaments and decorations are stored. I have scratches on my arms from pulling down and straightening the fake branches. I broke at least 4 ornaments that I either dropped or that fell off the tree. The garland smells like it is made of hazardous chemicals. And the plastic tree needles leave some sort of residue on my hands, again probably something that is going to poison me. Can't wait to string the outside lights.


Anonymous said…
No! No! Not yet! I can't even think about setting up the tree yet.

Ours is artificial too. I light a pine scented candle for realistic effect.
Oh yes Chewy - it's time. Have to get that sucker up before the shopping rush is on. Which will be at the very last minute for me of course.

I like the pine candle idea.
Cristina said…
You want to come down to Farmington improper and set mine up next. I'm with chewy only if I could get away with it I would just light the candle.

Baaagh Hughmbug (heehee)
Cristina - will you be serving Martinis? That might make it worth the effort.

I'm a little Baaagh Humbug myself. I'm not a good shopper. Makes me tired just to think of it.
Anonymous said…
Gift cards for the nieces and nephew. Gift Baskets of unusual food and small gifty stuff for the adults.

Not necessarily a basket. Ice bucket, waste bucket, planter... whatever works to hold stuff.

Every year I do the same thing. Puts less stress on myself. Plus, everyone knows what to expect from me. That's okay.
Cristina said…
How about a white cosmo or anything I can dream of using Hypnotiq?

I'm not shopping!!! Actually I am buying the girl child stuff for her own place. I remind myself my lease is up in 6 months and I am getting a place I can call mine. That will be my Christmas present to me (in May/June).
Chewy - I like the non-traditional basket idea. It's pretty creative.
Cristina - White cosmos? That's a new one for me. Sounds interesting.

I'm hoping there will be a big house warming party once you get your new place. :)
Cristina said…
June next year baybay! I cannot give away my trade secret for the White Cosmo - I'd either have to kiss ya or kill ya and well, D can kick my arse cuz ima luvr nota fiter and well there is enough violence in this world, we don't need e out there killing over a cocktail - they are meant for friends.

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!" - John Gay
Cristina said…
Wow, to much accounting. What I meant was I could not kiss you b/c D could probably hurt me - I am sure you got that, and I am just too nice, so I couldn't kill ya.
If I had to pick one Cristina, I would definitely go for option 1. (Espcially after having experienced one of your massages in Newport post Antigone Rising concert). Ok, should stop now so I don't sound like a dirty girl.
Cristina said…
It was all innocent - really it was.

This makes me wonder if Patricia gives good massages or maybe I need to schmooz my friend Marie who is among other things a LMT? Ahh, she is coming to dinner at my place on the 8th, I can try to milk the fact that I actually cooked dinner.
Anonymous said…
I feel like I'm eavesdropping in here.
Cristina said…
Uht oh...hey the tree is up (woohoo)! I did not even allow my French to surface and no martini's were consumed :-(
Alright Cristina! Now the shopping can begin. No martinis?
Hope I haven't been too fresh here Chewy!
Cristina said…
Shopping - that is what the internet is for. I can even get the schtuff gift wrapped and delivered. No, no martini's. While at home, I am a good girl - I don't want to drink around Smudge. Unless....I am having a glass of wine.

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