Well, You Asked

In addition to the tag email mentioned in the previous post, I also received a message from another buddy that requested I send along my favorite recipe to her, one other person listed in the instructions, and 5 other individuals. In return, I would receive all sorts of interesting recipes sent from folks all over the country. Sounds like fun. Here's my contribution:

One half box party pack cracker assortment
One 4 ounce block Sharp Cheddar cheese
One 4 ounce block Smoked Gouda cheese
Two bottles Truro Vineyards White Table Wine, chilled

Open box of crackers and remove from package. Place crackers on plate. Open cheese. Cut cheese into slices and place on plate next to crackers. Open first bottle of wine and pour into glasses. Enjoy! Serves 2 - 3, depending on how much fun you are having (or want to have).


Anonymous said…
That's my kind of recipe! I don't do cookin'.
If I can't open a box and pop it in the microwave, I'm pretty much out of luck. I'm fortunate to have lots of restaurants close by!
Cristina said…
My kinda recipe!!! I don't think I have cooked in a week - what have I eaten? Oh, yes, that's right, if it hadn't been for Anne and Laura last night - Nothing.
Hi Cristina - Congrats on the beautiful new addition to your family. Saw the pics on your MySpace acount. She's gorgeous!
Hey Cristina - did you see that I tagged you in the previous post?
Cristina said…
Yes I have to figure out this tag schtuff - been quite occupied with a Smudge (aka Miss Ava).

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