Coffee Haiku

My coffee cup had an invitation to Haiku. So, taking the lead (ok, maybe stealing) from Chewy, I decided to give this a girl twirl. Here goes:

River on my desk
Coffee spill flows towards papers
Swears echo through room


indicaspecies said…
That's a delightful Haiku.

My Tranquil Tuesday posts are an attempt at Haiku. :)
Thank you Celine. I very much enjoyed your Tranquil Tuesday -4 posting. I thought the verse was so peaceful.
Anonymous said…
Hey cj!
You do haiku. Woo-Hoo! (smile)
You inspired me to give this a try Chewy. It was just a silly verse I thought of after I spilled my coffe on my desk last week. It's that whole klutz thing again :)

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