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Birthdays Can Be A Real Bummer


No Shower Friday

Still no power, still no running water this morning. (See post below) This may be the first time I have gone to work without taking a shower. Luckily we had picked up a pack of peppermint sage towelettes at Whole Foods recently. If you use them to washup below the waist, you will soon understand why the name of the product is called Recharge. Have a minty day all! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


The electricity went out last night sometime after midnight. Since we have a well, no power means no running water. And Western Mass Electric estimates they will not get it fixed until tomorrow at 4:00pm. I feel the pioneer spirit sweeping over me. And I want to fucking scream. Hey Mr. Science? How many gallons of spring water does it take to flush a toilet? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Vegas Photo Caption Fun 1 - Morning Libations With Stiffy And Belle

"I knew I shouldn't have had those burritos last night."

Vegas Photo Caption Fun 2 - Mel, Susan, and Rizzo In The Limo

"And then I told the bartender, 'No - we don't want any Cabo Wabo for the limo ride'. Is that a problem Rizzo?"

Vegas Photo Caption Fun 3 - Rizzo, Sassy, and Belle Ride

As Belle celebrated getting Rizzo and Sassy to play with her, their minds started to wander."Are you sure these are the chairs we were suppose to sit in for the free teeth whitening?"

Stiffy Want A Cracker?

Long flights can be boring. Why not make the trip more entertaining by playing with your friends as they sleep? For this trick your friend must have cleavage and have taken an Ativan prior to take off. Sorry about this Stiffy! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Illinois 50,Chicago,United States PS - We left the cracker in place for the entire time on the 3 hour flight. I laughed - a lot.

I Shook Donny's Hand!

Don't make fun of me. The Donny and Marie show we went to last night was awesome! We sat in a booth right up front, only a few feet from the stage. At the end of the show Donny and Marie walk through the audience. Stiffy was a bit shy so I pushed her ass out of the booth as Donny started to walk across the tables. As he approached, we all stretched out our hands and got a handshake. I have not washed that hand since. The pic below is Donny's tux and trophy from Dancing With The Stars. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Siren's Cove Blvd,Las Vegas,United States
See post below... - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Guest blogger

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas. This is special guest blogger Ronia Nash filling in for CJ this evening. We are currently shitfaced celebrating my 40th birthday at Casa de Amore (highly recommended) with live music by George Bugatti singing old Sinatra tunes. The complimentary limo was top notch! Anyhow, next up is bullriding at Gilley's. I just overheard CJ saying she just tasted Stiffy's clam. Oh my! Let the party begin. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas,United States

Day 2 In Vegas

We are heading out to the Hoover Dam today. But first we will do a little gambling. I need to go make some money back after yesterday. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas,United States

Oh oh

So somehow our bar bill for the day ended up being $300.00. I'm blaming Stiffy and Bellle since they passed out in their lounge chairs at 4:00. Party on Garth. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas,United States

Vegas Baby!

Made it ti Vegas! We are sitting by our cabana having morning cocktails! Piña Colada for Belle, Pain Killers for Siffy and me. And the cabana girls that are waiting on us? My oh my. Let's get the party started! 9:25 AM in Vegas and all is well! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: Poolside at Treasure Island

A Very Dangerous Campus

I think they may want to hire a proofreader first. This is an actual job posting I found on . ----------- UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST 1863 UMASS AMHERST Senior Systems Analyst Office of the Bursar Reporting n the Associate Bursar, manages the daily operation of the Student Financials system ISIS¡ and other Bursar's Office information systems. Performs complex data analyses of student killing and receivables data by developing queries and interpreting results for review by management. ----------- Sounds like a dead-end job to me.

Cleaning For The Cleaning Lady

We have a new cleaning lady starting Friday. Which means we will be running around like crazy cleaning the house Thursday night. Does that make any sense? Between the cleaning lady and the house sitter I have some picking up to do. I don't want to leave personal items sitting out in the open. I'd better make a note for myself: Dear CJ - Please put away the following: bills, shoulder massager , pay stubs, underwear on the floor, large vibrating egg, toothpaste, eye glasses, heavy duty power strip, cat women suit, blow dryer, shaving cream, Plover's Guide To Advanced Gymnastics, and snowshoes.

"A" is For Arrogant

"I ment to mention this earlier, but I would expect if you see my caller I'd come up, you place the other call on hold." A good friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous for this post, recently received this email from her manager. The misspelled words are his, not mine. This friend is a very intelligent, well paid, IT professional. Her manager is evidently an arrogant a-hole. I'm so tired of companies taking the attitude that we are lucky to work for them. I've seen this more and more recently and I'm guessing the slow economy has left many companies thinking they can treat their employees like crap because, after all, we are so freaking blessed to be working for them. I'm lucky. I work for a great organization, have great co-workers, and a wonderful manager. I really enjoy my job very much. And I believe in the work hierarchy - I respect those in positions above me and obey the rules.But I have people in my life who are not as lucky and frankly, this c