Lights, Camera, Action

After weeks of research and deliberation, I have finally decided on a camcorder to purchase. With this purchase however, comes a certain amount of responsibility. So, before my camcorder arrives, I am publicly announcing the ground rules for the aforementioned item.

  1. Don't film boring things and then attempt to share them with friends. The great nieces and nephews may be cute, but no one wants to see two hours of them opening presents or eating cake. I don't even want to see that.
  2. Everyone must be fully clothed in all videos.
  3. Rule 2 can be ignored on Friday and Saturday after 9:00 PM.
  4. The camcorder is to be safely locked away in situations where alcohol may be consumed.
  5. Rule 4 can be ignored if Rule 2 has been bypassed.
  6. Permission should be asked and granted before filming unsuspecting individuals.
  7. Rule 6 can be ignored if it makes for good video that would be a big hit on the Internet.
  8. No one is allowed to borrow the camcorder. If I'm going to get caught on tape doing something that is immature, illegal or embarrassing, it is not going to be captured on something I bought and paid for. I shouldn't have to worry about this unless Rules 2 and 4 are not being enforced.
  9. Co-workers will not be informed of or granted access to my YouTube account.
  10. Rule 9 can never be ignored.


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