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Birthday Buddies

Just wanted to thank my buddies for sharing my birthday with me. You guys are the best. Thank you!

Nice Glass!

My buddy Stiffy One-Two gave me this beautiful martini glass when she was up visiting a few days ago. I'm looking forward to breaking it in this weekend. Thank you Stiffy - you rock! Stiffy brought forth a martini glass, A great gift that no one could surpass. CJ filled it with gin, And fell down on her chin, At least this time it wasn't her ass.

When You Gotta Go.....

Poor Coco. She has been a little incontinent as of late. Peepee on the rug, on the kitchen floor, on the comforter, in the dog bed - it's making for a bit of clean up work. So to help save these items, Coco has being wearing doggie depends at night. And every night she pulls the ol' Houdini Strait Jacket Escape and manages to awake diaper free. She's no dummy. I'm thinking this diaper thing is not such a bad idea. They could be useful on my long commute, especially when I get stuck in Boston traffic. They might make my khakis look funny though. I'm sure Coco would let me borrow one or two to see if it is worth while. Not sure what I would do with the tail hole however.

Another Parade In Title Town

Here is some footage from the "Rolling Rally" that was held in Boston last week to celebrate the Celtics victory over the Lakers. For those of you who happen to use a Mac, could you please let me know if you can view this. I want to make sure I am formatting videos in such a way that they can be viewed with Windows or Mac. Thanks in advance!

Happy Holiday!

Oh come on, you didn't know it was Bunker Hill Day? Today commemorates the 1775 battle with the British known as The Battle of Bunker Hill. It also means that schools, libraries, and city, county, and state offices in Suffolk County are closed today. And it means that I get the day off! I plan on celebrating by dressing up the dogs in Revolutionary War garb and having them re-enact the battle on the front lawn. Should be fun. Ok, so I know this post is going nowhere. I've picked up some sort of bug and although I am sitting at home in my computer room, my head is floating off somewhere in the kitchen. I will more than likely spend my day on the couch, watching television and trying to drown out the noise of the muskets. So much for celebrating.

One Year Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of Martini Cartwheels. I am very grateful for having met so many wonderful new people over the course of the last year. You have inspired, entertained, enlightened, and educated me and I feel very fortunate to have met such an incredible and diverse group of people from across the country and the world. Thank you.

Good Cents

Today is Friday. Which means I am off from work and I will more than likely be paying my 83 year old mother a visit. She usually calls around 10:00 AM. I answer the phone and the voice on the other end says "I'm ready". Ok, good to know. I'll be ready in 3 hours and be right over. Then there's the quarters. My mother seems to have gotten the impression that I collect state quarters. She'll hand me over three or four that she has put aside for me. "You must be getting close to having all 52", she'll say, while the whole time I'm thinking about how many minutes I can get in a parking meter for 75 cents. Yes, close to getting all 52 - they must have added a couple of states when I wasn't looking. And of course there will be the rolls of regular quarters for which we will have to go to the bank window so we can cash them in. Last visit she had only one roll but it was enough to merit a trip to the teller. I'm not sure what is on our agend

Forking Fantastic

Another blog gift pic has been sent to me via email and I just couldn't resist adding some comments: 1. Could you please pass the kiddie h'orderve? 2. Can you get me a new fork? This one has something on it. 3. Response to 2 - Well, I tried to wash it but I couldn't fit him in the dishwasher. 4. The "I've got your nose" game seems to have gone a little too far. 5. Little Billy won the pie eating contest by a nose. 6. Does anyone have 4 marshmallows? 7. That's the problem with buffets - not enough hands to carry everything back to the table. 8. You think that's bad. You should see where the spoon is. 9. It's all fun and games until someone gets a fork through the nose. Then it's just fun. 10. What the fork? No worries my friends, the little bugger turned out to be ok:

Best In Show

The car in front of me had a bumper sticker which read "I (heart) My German Shepherd". How nice I thought, another dog lover. Except the driver of this car was not your typical dog owner. Instead of picture of a dog to the right of the caption, there was a man. That's odd I thought, must be the trainer or maybe the owner. No dog whistle though. And he looks strangely familiar. An older gentleman, smiling - where I have I seen this face?! Is that the...? Why yes, I think it is the Pope. Ahh, German Shepherd, I get it now. So I decided I am creating my own sticker. On it will be a picture of me, lounging by the pool, with Belle and Stiffy approaching from the background, fetching a tray of beer and snacks for me to enjoy. And under the picture the caption will read - "I Love My Golden Retrievers".

Fresh Fish

From this morning: Some folks think these ads from Legal Sea Foods go too far. Personally, I think they're great. You know what they say, if it smells like fish... Oh never mind.

A Little Fun With Some V-One

I've decided that the official vodka of Martini Cartwheels is going to be V-One Vodka . It's a locally based company, out of Hadley, Mass. It is our favorite and the favorite of many of our friends. V-One was doing a promotion at a local pub the other night. In addition to having a yummy Cosmo, French Martini, and fresh squeezed grapefruit and vodka, we also got a cool V-One hat and t-shirt. And honestly, this is really good stuff. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. Go V-One! Looking forward to seeing you at your martini tent at the Eastern States Exposition this fall!

The Perks Of Working From Home

The perks of working from home include, but are not limited to, the following: You can wear jeans to work. You can brew some chai tea and drink if from your Winnie The Pooh mug. You can get some laundry done. You can sit by a sunny window. You can get a living, 5 pound lap blanket, to keep your legs nice and warm.

How About Some McCheesy With That Whine?

I am so freaking tired. My 4:00 AM rise and shine time is starting to really kick my butt. Therefore, I am absolving myself of any and all typos, grammatical errors, and profanity that may arise in this post. The riding lawn mower has a flat tire. The grass is high. And I'm worried what folks are starting to think. All I need now is to lose a front tooth or two and start blaring the theme from Deliverance. Maybe throw an old washing machine on the front lawn. The best neighbors in the world, McMeaty and McCheesy, came by to lend a hand. I had not taken the tire off yet because I thought I would need more tools, specifically a jack, to lift the mower high enough to remove the tire. So when I got home tonight and McMeaty told me he was successful in removing it, the first words out of my mouth were "Did you have to jack it off?" See, I told you I was tired. I quickly corrected myself and stated "Jack it up I mean, jack it up". Jack off, jack up - it's all the