Right Place, Right Time, Wrong People

I did something yesterday at work that I have never done before. I walked into my standing 3:00 Monday meeting and took my place at the conference table. A few of the regulars filed in along with a few not so regulars. Oh well, special guests I thought. Within 15 seconds of the start of the meeting, I knew something was not right. "What are we talking about", I said to myself. When it dawned on me that I was sitting in a meeting to which I had not been invited, I put my head down and began to take notes. Image is everything. Since I was peripherally associated with the topic at hand, I pretended to show interest while I jotted down bits and pieces of the discussion. I imagine the organizer was thinking to himself "Why is she here, I didn't invite her." I made it through, no questions asked. I got back to my desk and threw away my notes.


indicaspecies said…
Imagine if you had to ask aloud, "What are we talking about?" LOL

This is hilarious. Thank you for sharing. :)
Hello Celine! Thank you for visiting.

I did ask myself what was going on when the meeting started. Luckily I was able to blend in with no questions asked!
Anonymous said…
You so silly!

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