What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Does anyone remember Jarts - that lawn game where you had those giant darts that you tossed from one end of the yard to the other, trying to land your Jart in the little plastic yellow ring that you set up on the edge of your parent's grass? I loved that game. I saw today that it was number one on a list of 'the 10 most dangerous playthings of all time'. Sure it was dangerous. And yes, I know it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's just fun. I'm fairly certain this game is banned in Massachusetts. Too bad. Seems like it would be great to play after a martini or two.

And what happened to Loony Balloony (also known as Super Elastic Bubble Plastic)? I remember needing to have a note to buy glue for my model airplanes yet I could buy this stuff at the corner store. I would slap a wad of it onto the red straw that came in the package and create awesome psychedelic colored balloons. Or maybe the balloons were clear, and I was too stoned from the polyvinyl acetate polymer benzene that was used to make the stuff to really know the difference. Lasting side effects? Maybe. Not any worse than having a Jart stuck in your head.

Ahh, good times.


david mcmahon said…
I'm not a (J)art critic, just a mate' of Chewy's.

Never played Jarts, but cricket was sometimes just as combative!!
Anonymous said…
I remember those!
Oh, oh, oh CLACKERS! Lot's of chipped wrist bones with those noisy things.

Look David's been here! He's like the Blog Cult Leader. Woo-Hoo!
Thanks for visiting David! I have to admit, I find cricket a little confusing but it looks like a fun sport.

You have amazing photos on your blog. And I very much enjoyed the post about the John Edward show. I've never had a reading, but I have been to one of his seminars and it was pretty wild.
Hi Chewy - Were clackers those hard plastic balls on the string that you banged together? I remember those! Ouch!

I was very excited to have a new visitor by way of you!
Anonymous said…
David has joined together a very interesting and supportive group of bloggers by having a Top 10 sort of list.

He's an author and just finished his second novel, so hasn't had time to do the list lately. But he does do an entry for Post of the Day. If you would like more visitors stop by his blog and leave a comment now and then. I'm happy he came by here. (smile)
Diana M said…
I remember! Woo Jarts! I liked to play that game down a hill... think of the carnage that could occur with bad aim! Hehe thanks for the memories!
Hi Di - Jarts down hill- now there's a game. Especially fun for the folks down on the receiving end!

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