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Avoiding The Salmonella Side-Step

To make things a little easier with my new job and to save some money, I've been bringing my lunch every day to work. I can't be bothered making a sandwich at 5:30 in the morning, so I usually grab things like sunflower seeds, raisins, and energy bars like this one that I pulled out of the pantry. I actually found a write up about this bar in a magazine I was reading this weekend: I'm just thankful, that in addition to the case of energy bars, I also bought this: Side note: I've eaten quite a few of these bars over the last 4 weeks. No problems as of yet. I had one yesterday afternoon as a matter of fact and so right back.

Hello Dolly

Can someone please tell me what the appeal of these American Girl Dolls are? I happened to go to a particular restaurant two times this month. And both times, there were girls with dolls everywhere - in the restroom, in the bar area, at the tables.   This picture is of the table that was next to mine. I think there were about five dolls sitting in the middle of the table while these folks ate.  Kind of creepy I thought until I went on the website today and saw they cost about a hundred dollars a head .  Then I wished I had kidnapped  several of the little freaky things and held them for ransom.  

Time For Bed

If you want some hot milk and you think I'm worthy go ahead and grab jammies. If you're really sleepy just reach out and call me, 'cause you dig my cute lambie. Side Note: My "lambie" is my eye mask, just in case you were wondering.
Morning swim classes have been cancelled at The Wet Spot .

Can I Catch That On DVR?

Despite the excitement of "The L Word" premier last night, Cierra Belle could not make it past 8:00 pm.  So, any of you who did watch the show, what did you think?  I think it's off to a great start and going to be a very interesting season.

Snow Donuts

I was at a birthday party yesterday for my great-niece (yes, my niece's daughter - don't let my youthful looks fool you). We ordered several pizzas and were having them delivered. My sister asked me what we should give the delivery person for a tip. I said "How about don't eat yellow snow." With that in mind, here is another little tip. Stay away from snow donuts. The girlz are working on making a baker's dozen or so, right at the bottom of the front door steps. I guess if I was forced to pee outside in January in New England, I wouldn't head for the snow bank either.

Snow Bush


I Need A Nap

My poor old tired noggin, Has really had a floggin ', And I'm having trouble bloggin '. There's a lot more thinking involved with a new job. The old adage "good enough for government work" does not seem to apply to all organizations. So, in order to optimize my brain power, I have been hitting the rack by 9:00 pm all this week. Hoping to get back into the groove soon. Until then, sweet dreams all.

First Day Was A-Ok

I started my new job today. Things are going well so far. My commute has improved - I left home 50 minutes later and got home 1 hr 45 minutes earlier. And I actually have an office. I share it with two other people but it's nice not to be floating in a sea of cubes. With the holidays and the stress of ending one job and starting another, I haven't had time to do much blogging. But I am hoping to get in a routine soon once again, and get back to visiting all my blog buddies. And I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home today. The hand painted Poinsettia Art Card I had been lucky enough to win over at  Chewy's blog arrived today and it is even more beautiful to see in person. Thank you Chewy!