Monday, December 30, 2013

Sit Down Please

I must have a reputation for sitting quite a bit as I got a squatty potty and a balance ball chair for Christmas. In fact, I'm using the balance ball as I type. Had you worried for half a second there didn't I?

Without giving away TMI, I think the balance ball chair would be great for my desk at work. The squatty potty not so much as I can't picture myself 1) actually sitting on a toilet seat at work and 2) without doing step 1 there is no step 2 and 3) who in their right mind needs a squatty potty at their desk?

I also got a new coffee maker which I guess works somewhat in tandem with both of these devices. You can use one of them while you drink your coffee and then you can use the other one when you are done.

All kidding aside, I think both the chair and the squatty potty are really innovative products and from what I can gather, pretty popular this holiday season. Thank you Blondie from the bottom of my heart bottom for always getting me such cool gifts.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

How To Eat A Pomegranate

First, learn how to spell it. The title of this post was originally How To Eat A Pomiganite. I can't spell worth a lick.

Ok then. For all you that are interested, this is my method for opening up and eating a pomegranate.

  1. Put on a white shirt. Always challenge yourself I say.
  2. Score the pomegranate by making a shallow circular cut around the middle.
  3. Pull the halves apart. It is best to do this standing over the kitchen sink.
  4. Wipe the red juice off your white shirt.
  5. Get a wooden spoon, the kind that's good for tapping people on the butt. Holding one half of the pomegranate upside down over a bowl, tap the back side of the fruit with the wooden spoon. Watch 3 seeds fall out.
  6. Mumble to yourself "screw this" and, still holding the pomegranate in the same position described in the above step, start removing the seeds with your thumbs. Watch big chunks of seeds and fruit flesh fall into your bowl and juice splash the side of the sink.
  7. Attempt to remove the seeds from the flesh by pulling them out with your fingers. 
  8. Go back to step 4.
  9. Did you know that the red juice from this fruit can discolor a stainless steel sink? Neither did I.
  10. After about 25 minutes or so, you should have the majority of seeds removed. Take a warm soapy sponge and wipe off the sides of the bowl, the sink, the kitchen curtains, the windowsill, and your shirt.
  11. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and remind yourself that bananas are a delicious and nutritious snack as well.

Being Better Or At Least Trying To

Agh. What a bad blogger I have been this year. I've wanted to post. I've thought about posting. I didn't write much. And every year at this time I say "I will be better next year!"

I got caught up with taking exercising classes, reading about photography, visiting my mother in the nursing home, working. Things that were important and sometimes time consuming but not always enjoyable.

Blogging depends a lot on my mood too. I have to be in that funny, crazy, happy place in order to write something that has a chance of making folks chuckle.

Seeing as it is December 29th, I'll say it once more. I will try to be a better blogger next year. Really.