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20,000 Reached!

I knew this would happen. I hung on as long as I could last night but the counter wouldn't budge from 19, 996. This morning it is at 20,003. From what I can gather from my stat counter, the 20,000 hit came from Richmond, VA. And I have an idea who that may be. I am going to contact them today to see if they popped by for a visit around 10:45 PM Eastern time last night. If it's not this person, I have a pretty good idea who visited around that time. I may just throw those names in a hat and pick one. Hopefully I will have some sort of confirmation by the end of the day today. Update to follow. ------------- Update: Looks like there were two hits fairly close together. So the winners are Mr. Moto and Lilli of . Mr. Moto gets a Star Motorcycle t-shirt and Lilli gets a Northampton, MA t-shirt from the Pride and Joy store ( ). Or if you prefer, an iTunes or Amazon gift certificate. Some people are not into t-shirt

"Cheese" Does Not Always Mean Ricotta (As In Cannoli)

Just keep your plates, cups, and hands away from Irene's mouth and no one will get hurt.

A Reunion With My Goldie

I got the opportunity to reunite with my Goldie last night. Goldie was one my college roommates. We met in 1982, our freshman year, and lived a couple of rooms down from each other until senior year, when we got an off campus apartment with two other friends. We kept in close contact for several years but unfortunately lost touch about 12 years or so ago. A few months ago, she found me on Facebook. I just love my Goldie. She is one of the sweetest people I know. And hanging out with her, even after all those years, felt just as comfortable and fun as it did back when we were in college. Probably even more comfortable actually. Because this time I wasn't wearing spandex stirrup pants. Oh, and the name Goldie? It was the name of her dog. Goldie and Gretel reunited at last.

Toys For Tw*ts

I received a holiday catalog from a country store north of Massachusetts. I won't say the state, because I don't typically like to name businesses, unless of course they make a good vodka or micro-brew. I was excited to take a peak at it today. Nothing like a big picture of Santa on a country store catalog to stir up a little holiday spirit. Cozy nightgowns,cakes, candies, toys, and wait....what's this.....oh my.... an intimate massager in several different styles including discrete delight and dual pleasure?! Imagine my shock and surprise when I came across (no pun intended) that little jewel when all I wanted was some maple syrup. And to think I was going to let my Mother borrow this catalog. Well, she can't have it now. It's mine.

Pumpkin Patch Prize

In order to make up for my pumpkin guffaw, I'm thinking a prize is in order. I'm about 400 hits away from 20,000 and I want to award a prize to the visitor who hits that mark. I have a couple of ideas in mind, something representative of the area in which I live (and no, it won't be a pumpkin or me in a pumpkin costume). The rules are simple: 1) The 20,000 visitor must have visited and left a comment at least one time prior to that hit. 2) If the hit occurs at 3:00 AM I am mostly likely not going to catch it. If I can't narrow it down to the specific person, I will throw the names that hit around that time into a hat and pull one winner. If you happen to visit, and scroll down to the counter and see 20,000 please let me know. Otherwise, I will rely on on my stat counters to identify you. I'm guess-timating that the hit should come within the next month. Unless of course you are sick and tired of me. Then it will take a bit longer. Happy clicking.

Question Of The Day - Where's Your Pumpkin From?

Blondie asked me the other day if pumpkins grow in Florida. I said "No, they grow in a pumpkin patch." Being extremely ignorant of geography and what grows where, (despite getting an A in Plant Biology in college), I now need to know. Montana, Michigan, California, Oregon, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky, Arizona - Do you grow your own pumpkins for Halloween or do you have them brought in from New England?? Any and all answers greatly appreciated.

Mother and Money

Irene (on phone): Cath , I found two bank books, one with your name and one with your sister's that your father had set up. On January 31, 2004 there was one thousand-three hundred dollars. Your father was good to save all that money in an account for you Me (thinking what bank still uses "books" to stamp your balance): Well, we probably cashed those out after Dad died. I think the bank would have contacted us if they were still active. Besides, you know one thousand dollars isn't a ton of money these days. Irene: It's not ONE thousand - it's one thousand-THREE-HUNDRED. ----------------- My mother is not so good with numbers these days. In actuality, the balance could be $1.30 or $13,000. After ending the initial conversation, she called me back about 5 minutes later, which is the norm, to let me know where she has put the books. I'm guessing the accounts were probably closed years ago, but I'm curious none the less. Who wants to be a millionaire? I

The Girl In My Shirt

No, that is not a baby bump or a beer belly.

Dirty Little Bunnies

Hot and Horny Bunny Grahams. Because who doesn't love an X-rated snack? I know I do. I happened to buy these treats at a popular children's store chain. Imagine my shock and horror when I pulled this pair out of my snack pack. No wonder I can never seem to finish the box - they are multiplying in my pantry faster than I can eat them.