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Texas Two Step

I arrived in Texas last evening. Did you know they have Palm Trees here? Nobody ever told me that. The flight down was uneventful. I think they have started to make airplane seats smaller. My size 14 arse filled up the entire seat. I know I've gained a little weight but c'mon now. Also, I find peeing on an airplane to be quite challenging, especially when you don't want to sit on the seat and there is turbulence. Next flight I am wearing Depends. The hotel is great except for the fact that my shower didn't work. The little knob that says "lift up for shower" did not feel like rising to the occasion. It has since been fixed so all is good. But my hair looks a little crazy which is ok since it is pretty windy today and I can use that as an excuse. Anyway, I really love it here. Everyone calls me ma'am which is much better than what I normally get called back home in Massachusetts. The weather is pretty nice too - temps in the 60s feel like paradise compared

Medium Crab Bisque

My buddy Ronia shot this video. That's her laughing in the background. The Soup Nazi was in Vancouver and Ronia got him to give me a personal message. Ronia is a total hoot and my blog partner at Take 365 . Check out her pics from the Olympics!

The Road Not Taken - 128 North

Dear CJ, When you get off the Mass Pike take 128 North, which you have done every day for the last year, as opposed to taking 128 South, which you never do - expect for today. Why? Well, first of all, it is the wrong way. Second, 128 is not fun. I don't know if other states allow this, but one can actually drive in the break down lane on this road during the morning and evening commute. If you do commit the same mistake tomorrow, make sure that after you get off 128 South, you don't take the first ramp you see (again) and get right back on - you guessed it - 128 South. It's still the wrong direction. When you finally right yourself, pay attention to where your exit is, especially now that you are coming at it from the opposite direction. Don't go past it like you did this morning. If and when you finally arrive at work, give yourself a big pat on the back. And a coffee. Your Buddy, CJ

Agoraphobia - Ain't That A Trip?

Thanks to all those who left such positive comments. They were all very much appreciated.

A Good Reason To Lock Up Your Bras

How the stuffed animals sneak down to the first floor when you are not looking:


The Massachusetts Senate voted for a budget amendment that would ban either writing or reading text messages while driving. Bastards! I'll have to blog about that on my drive to work Monday while I'm snapping some photos for take 365 pictures , drinking my coffee, talking on the phone to my sister, and updating my Facebook status. Technically, none of those fall under the realm of texting . It's not my fault so many people in Massachusetts can't multi-task without hurting themselves or someone else. Why should I be punished? And we wonder why folks in New Hampshire call us Massholes .

A Very Disturbing Search Result

This is not funny. If you Google "chicopee world's largest kielbasa picture", up pops my profile picture. As the first result! Do I look like a giant kielbasa? (Don't answer that.) Although I do love a nice Chicopee kielbasa with some horseradish on the side, I'm not so sure I want to be the Polish Sausage Poster Girl. Time to update my profile.

Maybe I Should Stick With Cathy

Those of you on Facebook have probably seen the latest status update going around - look up your name in Urban Dictionary and post the first definition as your status. Here is what I found for Cathy: The act of being extremely interesting, smart, cool, athletic, and just about every positive thing that a person can be. Wow you were so Cathy! I wish I were as Cathy as you! Man you are so Cathy. If I were that Cathy I'd probably would have a pretty Cathy life! Then I looked up CJ. I refuse to post the first definition. Here's the second, which I have edited: Receiving a "strong breeze occupation" while you are in a coma. I heard that Kiley gave Tim a CJ while Tim was recovering from that skiing accident. That is just not my thing if you know what I mean. No offense anyone. My favorite: Kick-ass red-headed female pirate. Will randomly break into dance on a bus or in the middle of the street. Likes to steal sweet and sour chicken from other pirates. Stubborn and very vio