Another Game of Tag

My friend Stiffy One-Two emailed me another tag game. I'm sending this out as a general tag to anyone who is interested. This is a little long so feel free to edit and answer as you like.

Two names you go by (besides your given name):
1. CJ
2. Schwetty (don't ask)

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Jeans
2. Winnie the Pooh unmentionables (not as sexy as Stiffy's thong but still cute)

Two longest car rides:
1. Drive to Montreal - worth the trip, a fun city
2. Drive to Florida - remind me not to do that again

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. Ride my Motorcycle
2. Blog

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Purchase a camcorder (hopefully today)
2. My mother to stop driving my sister crazy (will never happen)

Three animals you have or have had:
1. Yorkies - Coco and Cierra
2. Cats - Bustapher, Gertie, Biff
3. Hamster -Chippy

Three people who will (hopefully) fill this out:
1. Chewy
2. Ronia
3. Cristina

Three Things you ate today:
1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Nothing - it's still early

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Housework
2. Going to Opa Opa I hopa hopa

Two favorite holidays:
1. Halloween
2. July 4th - Nothing beats PTown on July 4th!

Two favorite beverages:
1. Water
2. Sam Adams

Tag! You're it! Your turn!


Anonymous said…
Oh, this is easy. I'll do it. I had nothing planned to post today. (will eventually do the porn star game)

I don't understand this one?
Three people who will fill this out:
I going to list names of people I actually knew who I thought might fill out the questions but I thought I would just go with three celebrity names.

Thanks for playing!
Anonymous said…
Okie Dokie.
Chewy - Made a mod to link to real people to make this less confusing. I like this better.
Anonymous said…
Check out the link to Phranc's blog down in my "Juicy Fruit" section. She has returned to blogging - a vid of her singing a song about Martina Navor... er... the tennis player.
That video is great! Appreciate you pointing that out. Let's see - Navrotolova. Nope, justed Googled it and that's not right.

Ok, for my future reference: Martina Navrátilová.
indicaspecies said…

Schwetty sounds lovely. Didn't ask but guessing it's something to do with you being sweet.

Reached here through Chewy's. You've got a nice blog.

celine :)
Hello Celine - Thank you for visiting. I stopped by your blog -very interesting and beautiful pictures! I really enjoy seeing and learning about different parts of the world, especially those so far away from where I live.

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