The Stove Guards

Left Guard With Strong Biceps: "Keep CJ away from the stove. I hear she only knows how to make crackers and cheese."

Small But Wiry Guard: "Don't worry, I ran her over with my walker. She's flat on the living room rug."

Guard With An Attitude:"Would you video my son already?!"


Anonymous said…
I guess that means you were in charge of the appetizers? I was on cleanup duty.
They don't even trust me with the apps. I had cleanup duty like you did. My reputation in the kitchen proceeds my arrival.
Hey SJ - I think you have that same face two posts below. Still hot. (See, I'm trusting that you will read this so I am posting a pre-comment comment to you).
Anonymous said…
And here I am reading it, though a bit late. Yes, i am in fact still hot. And it's "my reputation PRECEDES me" not "proceeds me."

don't maik me giv u a gramer lessen.
Do you talk to James Patterson that way Miss Little Brown?

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