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Lubing the O-Ring

pool  1     (p l) n. 1.  A whole in the ground into which you throw money. The The Wet Spot chlorinator was leaking today. I took it apart and knew almost immediately that it needed a new o-ring. Luckily, the pool supply store had it in stock. A nice young man helped me find what I needed. Unfortunately there is one other product that goes with the purchase of a new o-ring. Store Clerk: "Do you need any lube?" CJ: "I have some at home - for the treadmill" (nice recovery CJ). Can I just use that?" Store Clerk: "Depends - is it petroleum based or silicone based?" CJ's Brain: Petroleum based? That's the kind you are not supposed to use with condemns. But for treadmills? I don't think treadmills care. Store Clerk: "We sell it here." CJ: "Great, I'll take one tube." Then the other clerk chimes in telling me the all pool parts that could use a good greasing. Now I have two young men talking to me

Have It Your Way

Can't I have it both ways? If I have it tender does it have to to be unnatural? If I have it natural will it be tough? Then again, I was the "chef" the evening the we had the pork. So it was none of the above.

PO'd at HP

I'm kind of pissed at Hewlett Packard. I bought an HP digital photo frame for my Mom's 86th birthday. She's pretty miserable living in a nursing home so anytime she gets a gift she actually likes, it is a big deal. I loaded up something like 150 pics, set the frame up in her room, and programmed it to run from early morning to her usual bed time. And don't you know, the effing thing stopped working 3 months after I bought it. Customer service was only slightly helpful. Long and short of it is they won't replace it without a receipt (which I don't think I have). I could accept that - if I hadn't read so many threads online about how other folks had similar issues with their HP digital frames. Or should I say digital shames? I saw today that HP is laying off something like 25,000 people.  Maybe if your frames didn't suck you would sell more of them thereby making enough money to keep your workforce intact.

Shocking The Wet Spot

Attention! Attention! The Wet Spot is now open! Unfortunately, The Wet Spot is currently a little green, dirty, and foamy. It smells like bleach but that odor should subside in a week or so after treatment. I haven't submerged my hand yet, but I may stick my big toe in The Wet Spot this weekend if the weather cooperates. Now all that is left to do is trim the surrounding bushes and wait for The Wet Spot to heat up!

Only In My Dreams

This is your bra. This is your bra on CJ. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Git Up!

Happy Sunday morning! Stiffy is up for a visit but currently out for the count. I shouldn't be too harsh, considering I got up this morning to find a text message from her that included a pic of me sleeping on the couch last night. Damn margaritas. Anyway, Stiffy, Blondie and I are supposed to check out a winery today. The weather has finally cleared up and I think it will be a good day for a little ride. I'm looking forward to taking some pictures of my own with my new wide angle lens. It will come in handy for capturing Stiffy sampling 5 glasses of wine concurrently. I worked out this morning - ran for a half hour on the treadmill. I kind of feel like throwing up now. When are all those exercise endorphins suppose to kick in? Probably won't happen until after I have a donut. Enjoy your day. And as I tweeted a few minutes ago, don't let your Monday spoil your Sunday!

Fresh As A Mint Julip

Hey! Wasn't I just blogging like 8 hours ago? Yesterday our cleaning person came over and like always, I removed all the shampoo, soap, etc, from my shower to make it easier for her. This morning I grabbed all my supplies and put them back in the shower. All good except for the fact that what I thought was shower gel was actually thermo micro peel face cleaner. And since I wasn't going to hop out mid shower to grab the shower gel, I was left with two choices for "soap" - the aforementioned thermo exfoliater or tea tree shampoo. Needless to say I am now fully awake and have a little spring in my step. Have a warm, minty fresh day all! Addendum: Just thought of an idea for a revised line of product : Summers Eve - now in Thermo Nuclear Mint Bomb. For those mornings when regular soap and water just won't do. I think I'm still over-tired.

This Is Your Blog. And This Is Your Blog In Over-Tired Mode.

I heard a discussion on  NPR  the other day that got me thinking. When two people are engaged in conversation or communicating by email, the person with the lower social status will typically use the word "I" more frequently than the individual that has the higher status in the relationship. I didn't realize that. I would have thought it was the more confident person but apparently using the word "I" means you are more self conscious.  This could be an interesting social experiment.Walk over to a co-worker's office tomorrow morning and start up a conversation about the upcoming weekend. Make a mental note of how many times you use the word "I". After lunch, walk back over to that same co-worker and start a new conversation. This time however, make sure your fly is down and that you have broccoli in your teeth. If you have any of that clear plastic goo the credit card companies use to stick your new card to the piece of paper they include in