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Why Outsourcing Is Bad

Here are some reasons why your payroll at work may be totally eff'd up. Or why your leave time balance may be missing a few hundred hours. Don't outsource your IT to places far away. Because if you do, one of these fellows below just may be keeping your payroll software up to date. Question: I am new to this [NameHidden] Admin area. Actullay i am Oracle dba and now i am going to support [NameHidden] also.Please give me some useful link or Document to get some basic infomration about [NameHidden]. Answer: There is no simple read a document formula for knowing how to administer [NameHidden] . Many people believe it is an extension of being a dba. You have to understand the product. I would suggest you take some classes related to the architecture. Follow-Up Question: Is there two kind of activity in [NameHidden] Admin part? Means one is [NameHidden] DBA and other one is [NameHidden] Admin. Is this correct? or please tell me the structure of [NameHidden] Admin. Thanks in Advan

Make-Over Saturday

This look may require a bit of upkeep, but I think it conveys a sense of both fun and seriousness. I love my new Shorty-Longback (AKA Sho-Lo). The "Blonde Dorothy" as it is commonly called, is a young, playful sort of style. There's no place like home! The inspiration for and creator of our new doos, Starlene. **The author of this posts realizes that this is totally silly and perhaps a bit stupid. But hey, it's a slow day over here in Western Mass and it's all I could come up with. They all can't be home runs you know. Besides, now that I brought Walmart to you, you don't have to get in your car and drive over there.

Cute Girls On The Beach

Heading back home today. Thank goodness it's a short week with the holiday on Thursday. I didn't realize how tired and stressed I felt until I took a few days away from work. Every time I visit Provincetown, I think what it would be like to just actually live here. During the off-season, you get a chance to chat with some of the locals, folks who have given up the nine to five to live here year round. Most seem work in the service industry, bar tending or waiting tables. They work their ass off all season. When the fall/winter comes and the restaurants close up till the spring, they collect unemployment and, if they have made enough money during the high season, travel to places much warmer than Cape Cod. I'm not sure I could actually do that, although about half of the folks I have spoken with seem to just thrive. One or two have mentioned they can't take another winter season. They say living here full time and visiting on vacation are two very different things. Coul

Ptown Day 2

Sunset at Herring Cove Beach Stretch of sand at Herring Cove Beach It is raining like crazy this morning in Provincetown. The good news is, it is suppose to clear this afternoon. Happy Friday Everyone! A Monument Martini

Guess Where I Am?

I'm taking a little work break and spending a few days in Provincetown . There isn't too much open this time of year, at least not during the middle of the week. Fortunately, the weather is beautiful and as soon as I can get my butt off this couch, I'm looking forward to poking around town. Oh, and what to you think? Should I go for the white or the light blue?

Irene Quote Of The Day Wednesday November 18,2009

A continuing series on conversations with my 84 year old Mother. Irene (on phone): Did you leave yet? Me: No, I'm getting ready. Irene: Well maybe some day before I pass away, we could go on a little trip. Me: That sounds good Irene.

I Kissed A Girl Twenty Years Ago

It was twenty years ago today that I kissed a girl for the first time. So I guess this makes it my 20th anniversary of being a lesbian. Some people could argue it's actually been more like 35 years. This was taken during my plaid Toughskin Jeans period. That was prior to my Ralph Macchio period (thanks for that great reference Ronia). By that time, I had traded in my Toughskins for Earth Shoes. That's one of my nieces standing next to me. I sort of look like her uncle. Wax on, wax off. Anyway, here's to twenty years of being the person I was born to be. An Earth Shoe wearing, plaid Toughskin toting, big 'ol lesbian.

Irene Quote Of The Day Saturday November 7,2009

Talked to my 84 year old mother this morning. When I asked her what she was doing, I got the following response: "I'm doing a big load. Of laundry, not shit." Good to know.

Get Dent

If an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, what happens? Knock Knock? Who's There? The SUV you just backed into jackass. Who looks behind them at at 6:00AM in the morning as they are backing out the driveway? Apparently not me! FML.

A Rare Medium

I went to two seminars this weekend with two different mediums. The first one was with Suzane Northrop who is just absolutely amazing. This is the third time I have gone to see her and this seminar, with only about 125 people in attendance, was just as fantastic as the other two I had seen previously. I actually got a small reading thanks to Blondie, who was sitting next to me and, after her reading, asked Suzane about my Dad. "He's not pushy like some of these other ones is he?" No, absolutely not I answered. She walked down to the end of the aisle, asked if I had any siblings, and then commented about me being Daddy's little girl. Which I interpret to be a validation of me being the youngest of two children, (by 14 years). So yesterday I try explaining this to my 84 year old Mother. She knows I'm a believer in these paranormal things so this is nothing new. I explained the whole thing, how I think I got a message from Ernie and how cool it was. To which she r