Be Careful What You Write

--"Why don't you want to video my son?"
--"I don't even have a camcorder yet. What are you talking about?"
--"I saw your blog about the camcorder."
--"You read my blog? I thought you just read it when I asked you to."
--"I read your blog all the time."

Oh, oh. My niece, who shall be known as SJ for this post, noticed a previous post which contained the following reference to her son, my great nephew:

Don't film boring things and then attempt to share them with friends. The great nieces and nephews may be cute, but no one wants to see two hours of them opening presents or eating cake. I don't even want to see that.

Geez, had I known you read my blog so much, I would have posted this picture sooner. Remember the 80's SJ? Are those my glasses? I wonder if you'll see this?


Anonymous said…
I am so hot! I told you I read your blog all the time.
Anonymous said…
Ha-ha-ha! Hilarious! My family lurk at my blog, never posting comments. Perhaps I'll try your technique to shake them out from their keyboards.

Did you know the Tag Game took off and is flying from blog to blog.

Imagine what will happen with the porn star game? I'll wait a while for things to die down and let that one rip.
Yes SJ, you are hot. And if you give me one of those freaky hairdos on Thanksgiving I will post another picture of you. Love, Your Favorite Aunt
I had fun with this one Chewy. And the best part is that I have more pictures!

I got some new visitors thanks to you posting the Tag Game so thank you very much. I've been trying to follow it and I can see that it's gone quite far. Very cool.

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