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No Toilet? No Worries.

I saw a commercial today for a prescription medication that treats the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Among those symptoms - URGENT DIARRHEA.  Which begs the following question. Is there anything such as non-urgent diarrhea?  "Hey don't worry about me. I've got knee buckling stomach pain and burning flatulence from that street taco I just ate. But it's no problem because I have non-ugrent diarrhea. It can wait." Non-urgent diarrhea is the distant cousin painless gum grafting. Not that I would know.  I've had neither. 

Feeling Blue In Massachusetts

Meanwhile back in western Massachusetts.... I believe this rubber object is supposed to represent male genitalia. I say this with some uncertainty for a couple of reasons.  I'm pretty sure they are not usually blue unless they are on the verge of exploding. This set did not explode the whole time I was watching them. This thing looks dirty and stretched out, like it has been around the block and broken a few times.  It moved freely, swinging from left to right and back again, almost like it had a mind of its own. It was attached to something even more unattractive than itself. Wait a minute, I think I just answered my own question. 

Adventures in Gum Grafting Day 4

I skipped my Day 3 update. I was just too whiney. My mouth felt like the Chicopee Landfill. In case you are interested or are considering having this procedure, here is my status for today: Still feeling pretty tired on day 4 post procedure. I'm not sure if this is due to the pain meds or just a normal part of the healing process Although it's ok at this point to chew soft foods on my good side, I continue to stick with foods that I can just swallow down like yogurt, protein shakes, and baby food. Chewing scares me. I wake up to find that there is still some bleeding during the night. Now that Halloween has come and gone that shit can stop. Vampire season is over. I haven't washed my hair since the day of the procedure. I have an irrational fear that scrubbing my head will somehow loosen the stitches in my mouth. I may actually get out of the house today!  Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day!