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A Day At SC

I got to spend the day Friday at my alma mater Springfield College. I graduated from there, as did my two nieces and a great-uncle. My parents attended Learning in Later Life at Springfield College. And my sister and one of my nieces work there. Peanutman, my great-nephew, goes to the day care affiliated with the college. However, it happened to be closed on Friday so his favorite auntie (me!) spent the morning babysitting while his Mom was working. We hung out in the athletic training room while Grammie (my sister) got a compression treatment for a sore foot, ran around the indoor track on the top of the gym (this made Auntie pretty tired), had lunch, and walked around the campus. It was the start of new student orientation that day. I remember doing that 26 years ago in 1982 when I was a freshman. Wow. No wonder I could only do one lap around the track.

Mitt In A Dress?

When I first read that John McCain chose a female VP, I was excited. I saw her picture - she was young and looked a bit like Karen on the show Will and Grace. She must fairly moderate I thought. Then I read the following on : In October of 2006, the Anchorage Daily News described Palin's positions on social issues :"A significant part of Palin's base of support lies among social and Christian conservatives. Her positions on social issues emerged slowly during the campaign: on abortion (should be banned for anything other than saving the life of the mother), stem cell research (opposed), physician-assisted suicide (opposed), creationism (should be discussed in schools), state health benefits for same-sex partners (opposed, and supports a constitutional amendment to bar them)." WTF? It's Mitt Romney in drag! I knew he would get on the ticket somehow. Someone please comfort me and tell me Hillary supporters are not going to jump over the fence and vote for

What Goes On At The Wet Spot....

.....stays at The Wet Spot (and at Martini Cartwheels) Ok girls, you know who you are. And you were all behaving very badly last Saturday night. I am shocked and appalled, as are the neighbors. Next time you leave your beers that close to the edge of the pool (see pic number 1) I am sending you all home. Now think about what you did and get ready for the long weekend.

I Love Your Blog Too!

I got this award last week from OC over at Bears Mountain . Thank you very much OC! Here are the rules that go with this award. 1. The winner can put the logo on their blog 2. Link the person you received your award from 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4. Put links of those blogs on yours. 5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated. Well, since it is at least 7 blogs, I decided to nominate all of the blogs on my blogroll. I've done this for two reasons. First off, I really do love all the blogs I have listed in my sidebar. Secondly, it is freaking 5:00 AM in the morning here in Massachusetts people. And to single out only 7 of you would hurt my brain thereby making my 77 mile commute more painful than it already is.

Smile Pretty!

In my twenties, my then girlfriend and I used to think it was a riot to take pictures of ourselves doing really stupid things. Giving ourselves weird hairstyles, wearing goofy clothes, or putting things in our teeth really made us laugh. I found these pictures today. They were taken about twenty years ago in Boston. This one is particularly lovely, bra on the outside of my clothes,hair all twisted on top of my head, raisin in my teeth. And yes, I believe I am wearing a towel for pants. This one of me reminds me of a British rock star who says no, no, no to rehab (sorry Amy). Again, a beautiful sight to behold. And lastly, my ex, she who shall not be named. I have cropped out the top of her head because I think she would sue me if she saw I put her picture up here without her permission. She is the one who started all of this raisin in the teeth foolishness and this post would not be complete without her picture.

A Tisket, A Tasket, My Friend Stiffy's Basket

Stiffy, you know I love you. But I can't hold back from commenting on this thing I found last week,neatly tucked away in the corner of your bedroom. At first glance I thought it was a cleaning supply caddy, gaily decorated with a strip of pink fur and some groovy day-glo daisy stickers. As if that were not bad enough, further inspection revealed several bottles of pink and frosty nail polish, a giant emery board, and what I believe to be something to keep your toes spread eagle while you happily sip red wine and pretty up your feet. I'll give you kudos for that gadget,despite the pink color, as it was in the shape of little martini glasses. But really Stiffy, this is just too girly girl, even for you. Now go put that thing away in the back of your closet behind your yellow sun dress. I am so buying you some motorcycle boots for you next birthday.

Thank You To The Lesbian Lifestyle

I want to thank Kelly over at The Lesbian Lifestyle for giving me a shout out. I was totally taken by surprise to see this write-up. Thank you so much Kelly! I am honored to be mentioned on such a great site!


Back to work tomorrow. Yuck. I took a few days of rest and relaxation in Boston and Provincetown. For those of you not familiar with Massachusetts, Provincetown is at the very tip of Cape Code. I did not take my laptop and so I have a lot of catching up to do on my favorite blogs. I hope to start making the rounds tomorrow.

What's Your Sign?

You know how people name boats? Well, pools can have names too. After much deliberation, it was decided last year that pool in the backyard shall be known as "The Wet Spot". (Good job Blondie). So after accepting cheeses in their life (see previous post), Heather and Bill went out and had this very cool sign custom made. How fun is that? Now all that is needed is a pitcher of martinis, lots of ladies, a few cool gentlemen, and for it to stop freaking raining in Massachusetts long enough for me to get my suit on. Thank you H&B for such a cool gift! Everybody dive in the pool!

I Hanker For A Hunk Of Cheese

Why, yes I have as a matter of fact. Cheddar, Gouda, Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Bleu, Mozzarella to name of few. And of course, every type of cheese that my buddy McCheesy sells is also on my list of favorites. (Thanks to H&B for providing this card. What's that phrase about going somewhere in a hand basket? At least I will be in good company. Hey, I'm just trying to do my part to annoy the hell out of the far right. Somebody has to.)

Are You Going To Eat That Roll?

Yes, that is a pat of butter, sitting on a paper doily, next to two rolls and the rest of my mother Irene's unfinished lunch. The crackers can't be seen because they are in her pocketbook. Irene lives with my sister and her husband in a beautiful brand new house. The refrigerator is always stocked. And so is the desk drawer in my Mother's bedroom. Yesterday I saw several left over chocolate chip cookies in there which I'm sure were from her lunch at the adult day care she attends two days a week. Irene hates wasting any food. Growing up during the depression, food was not as plentiful as it should have been for Irene, her sister, and her mother (my grandmother). My grandfather passed before the age of 30, and times were tough for a while. It's something Irene still lives with today. So even though I smile to myself a bit when Irene starts loading the take away container, I am quick to offer up anything I see on the table that is not nailed down. You never know when

Bikes Are For Girlz

This is one of my favorite shirts to wear while riding. Although I am always a bit anxious to wear something that conveys any sort of cockiness - I guess it is a karma thing. I am always cautious to refrain from any sort of arrogance because I believe it always comes back to kick you in the ass.I wouldn't look so confident in that shirt if I dropped my bike at a light or bumped into something while negotiating a tight turn in a parking lot. And then of course being female, I feel like I have to prove that I can ride just as well as a guy with the same level of experience. Which I am fairly certain I can, despite not having a scantily clad counter-weight on the back. Ladies - ride often, ride safe, ride with a fun shirt! Because topless just isn't the way to go at anything over 10 mph.

The Ring, Part 2

Up until last night, I thought I had tried everything. Dishwashing soap, dental floss, olive oil, two different kinds of hand lotion, ice, and Windex. I was just about to give up. However, my friends McMeaty and McCheesy were not. First came the WD-40 and lots of tugging. Standing over the kitchen sink, McMeaty gave it his all. Unfortunately the WD-40 not only lubed up my finger but his entire hand as well. No go there. Next came the dental floss. But the hand cream I had put on after the WD-40 only made the floss slip right off my finger without moving the ring. At this point, I had been sitting on the couch with my arm elevated for about ten minutes or so. This made the swelling go down quite a bit (thank you Chewy ). McMeaty was confident between the hand lotion and the reduction in swelling that another few pulls and twists would work. I sat on the couch, arm still elevated, while he patiently moved the ring up to my knuckle. Then wth a few more twists, turns, and tugging, the rin

Oops, I Did It Again

A while back I did a post about super-gluing a Mickey Mouse figurine to my middle finger. This time I have somehow gotten a ring stuck on the same finger. And I can't get it off. I put the ring on yesterday afternoon. I knew I was going to have trouble as soon as I shoved it past my knuckle. My finger is starting to get a little sore from all the tugging and possibly a little swollen, which is obviously not helping matters. Doesn't the Universe realize I can't possibly drive to work in Boston without complete and total use of this finger? It is as necessary for the commute as is a tank of gas. How will I convey my true feelings to the "left hand turn from the right lane" folks I encounter every day? I cannot be mute for my commute! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on how to remove the ring 1) without removing my finger and 2) while keeping the ring intact I would greatly appreciate it.