What's A Girl To Do About Packing?

Salsa Shark

I'm going on vacation in a few weeks to some place warm. Thought it might be a good idea today to try on my shorts. All of them, except for four pairs, somehow shrunk in my drawer over the winter.

So off to the mall I went. I picked up a few pairs of shorts, along with a big new suitcase. Can somebody please tell me when a suitcase started costing between $200 and $350? Who needs ballistic nylon encasing their bathing suit and suntan lotion? Apparently a lot of folks do because the suitcases I saw could withstand any sort of attack, foreign or domestic. Nice to know if, God forbid, the plane goes down, my underwear will remain intact inside my Samsonite. I better be careful what I pack. Somethings are better not found.

I finished off my evening with dinner at a Mexican restaurant. That's when the Salsa Shark appeared. If only I had handy my new suitcase that doubles as a shark cage. Oh well, maybe I can try that feature while on vacation.


Mon said…
Warm sounds heavenly!
Cristina said…
Bring some of the warm back with you paleeeez. Oh, and you might want to onsider shaving before you put on that bathing suit. I heard you looked like bigfoot under dem jeans you've been wearing all winter.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like fun. Hope you have a great vacation :o) My shorts shrunk this winter, too. Damn things. I have found that this phenomena seems to coincide with the frequency of my shark sightings. Love your blog! Glad to have found it.
Anonymous said…
Your Subject line threw me. I thought you were going to blog about an entirely different subject altogether! Perhaps this would be a good segway into blogging about the shepee!
Anonymous said…
Cristina, what are you doing up at 12:30am on a work night? U r crazy, girl!
Anonymous said…
CJ, looks like blogger Karen is also an early bird like you!
Anonymous said…
"What's A Girl To Do About Packing?"
Like Blondie, I had a totally different expectation of your post.

Okay! What's a shepee? (That word puts my mind somewhere else also.)
Velvet Ginger said…
Okay I was sitty her laughing at your post...you are a card! Pack light (I learned that the hard way)and have fun, you deserve it!
(love the salsa shark, maybe chewy cna paint it for you!)
Speaking of warm (not rubbing it in) it's been in the low 80's here, and 2 "little old ladies" were talking here in the shop today saing it's suppossed to be "chilly this weekend made sure we take our sweaters". I said..."where are you going?" One replied "just here in town...but it is supposed to get down to 72 degrees!" Oh brother!!! AZ people are spoiled!
Velvet Ginger said…
typos sorry..didn't want to delete that whole blabby thing cj!
Anonymous said…
that salsa shark... apparently i was as in need of a laugh as you were new shorts.
Hey OC - I'm really looking forward to getting out of cold New England (although tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees).

No worries Cristina. I will put in a new blade just to be sure I do a good job. Why don't you hide in my new super duper suitcase and come along?

Hi Karen - I see you are an early bird as well! Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. It's lean cuisine for me until those shorts stretch back out.
Anonymous said…
One good leather bag of good size with well attached hanldes..5 minutes and you packed for two ekks..I'm an old pro.. I coudl pack one bag in 10 minutes for three months on the road...:))))
Belle and Chewy - Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. :)

The ShePee is a device that lets women pee standing up. They sell these at the Pride store in NoHo. I had been to the brewery right before I went in the store. It seemed like a very useful product at the time.
Thank you Rubye Jean. I love your comment about the two little old ladies. I can just picture them! I would very much like to check out AZ one day. When is it not snake season?
Hi Lyn - Thanks for stopping by. I'll let you know when it's safe to go back into the chip bowl.
Hey Robert - I am very impressed! One bag in ten minutes? Ok, what's your secret?
Cristina said…
Really can I go, I will need that supah dupah luggage to protect my melon - I brake easily ya know. Will you call me out as kidnapped? Blondie, I just got home from work and was doing homework at 12:30 am and managed to get back in at 9ish today.
Velvet Ginger said…
Cj, when it hits 115 degrees 3 weeks in a row...the snakes are hiding...so that's a good time to visit (?)!
I am happy that you get to go on vacation!
Anonymous said…
I have to leave my comment here because I have no other place for this particular comment.

You know that picture of the girlz on your home page? Where it says "and remember, no olives"? I think in honor of Mr. Moto you should change it to "and remember, NFO".

Do you know what I am talking about?
Because Blondie, NFO contains a toilet word and the girlz,like me, do not have potty mouths.
Anonymous said…
I didn't realize you were so pristine ;)
Cristina said…
pristine riiiiigggghhhhT!
Rita said…
Thank God for vacations!!!
I hear you Rita! Really looking forward to it!

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