Good Morning Pioneer Valley

There was a beautiful sunrise here this morning. These pictures were taken at 7:10 AM. And this time I was not driving my car down the Mass Pike as I was shooting. I was riding my motorcycle.

The sky reminded me of that saying my mother used to always quote - "Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight". It works better for this post than my sister's saying "If red, raise the head. If pale, raise the tail". My sister has a sailor saying but I can't repeat that here.

And as I'm sure you guessed, I was kidding about the motorcycle. I took these pictures from my back deck while having my morning martini.

Ok, ok, I stumbled out of bed and took these while I was still half asleep. No motorcycles or martinis involved. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful, breathtaking photos.

If you were on your motorcycle I'd expect a squished bug against the lens.
Thank you Chewy. I just point and shoot. I was surprised at how they came out.

I've never seen a sunrise like that in Boston. One more reason to love Western Mass!
Cristina said…
I wish I had this view in the morning, though I would have a hard time getting to work if I did. I would just get lost in it.

Absolutely stunning.
I'm very lucky Cristina to have no houses in the back here. It makes for a really nice view of the sunrise.

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