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Here A Critter, There A Critter, Everywhere A Colory Critter!

I just purchased three copies of Keen Colory Critters written and illustrated by fellow blogger Chewy . You know how sometimes a piece of art can just make you feel good? It's like the picture and the color all come together to pull you in and all of a sudden you just can't help but to feel happy? Well, that's the feeling I get when I read this. The drawings alone are enough to make you smile. Combine those with the stories that accompany each and after a few pages, you don't want to put it down until you have met each and every one of the critters. I can't wait to share this book with my great-niece and great nephews. Of course we have our own copy too! I am so excited to have Chewy's art right here in my home. I am, as you can probably tell, a huge fan of her work. For more details on the artist and the book, please stop by the Keen Colory Critter Storefront . Congratulations Chewy on a job well done!

Attention: The Wet Spot Is Now Open!

I've been working hard on the Wet Spot. It has been a while after all. I vacuumed all the dirt out and adjusted the pH. I even bought a Dolphin to stick in it. Not a live one but one of those ones you plug in, place in the Wet Spot, and it moves all around. It feels great to be hands free when it comes to that sort of thing (vacuuming that is). Blondie trimmed the weeds and made sure the shrubbery looked tip-top. So are you in? Ready to come play?

Shot At And Missed, Sh*t At And Hit

For those of you easily disgusted stop reading now. I woke up in bed last night about 11:30pm to find the oldest Yorkie, Coco, sitting on my chest, taking (or should I say leaving) a poop. This my friends is a first. I could not help but to arch my head up and say "I think Coco just took a shit on my chest." Upon waking, Blondie turned on the light, looked at the large turd sitting on my white t-shirt, and burst out laughing. Earlier in the week, the youngest Yorkie, Cierra, had a bout of diarrhea in the middle of the night. I got up to check on her and stepped in it with my bare foot. Don't fault me for such a crappy post. They'll get better, I promise.

DDing Tonight

Remote posting from a bar/club, listening to a band and being a very good girl. I'm the designated driver. So no drinking means no dancing. Because everyone knows you dance so much better after 2 drinks. Arms flailing about, hips gyrating, bum shaking - you can not do that on soda water and cranberry juice. I could go for a little snack. Too bad they don't have one of those machines with the rollers that move and cook 7 hotdogs concurrently. Nothing like a freshly cooked weiner that's been spinning in a bar for a month or two. Did I spell weiner correctly? No spell check on this app unfortunately. And no hotdogs. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: A Bar Somewhere In Kielbasaville

Irene Quote Of The Day Friday June 11, 2010

So I removed my martini induced rant that I posted last night. I do want to send a thank out to PixieFlute on the suggestion that Irene's confusion could be due to a UTI - we are going to speak the MD about that. I was having a bad evening and I apologize for the profanity laced post. Anyway, I'm replacing it with a new Irene Quote of the day. A little background info - Irene does not like participating in group things unless she is very comfortable with the people involved. But at places like the rehab center/nursing home, they encourage patients to be involved. And Irene hates it. When we went to visit her yesterday, the nurse told us that she had done great during the day, taking her meals in the dining hall with the other patients and spending the afternoon at a group sing-a-long. To say we were shocked is putting it mildly. Us: "How are you tonight Irene?" Irene: "I have a new arch enemy." {Sisters turn heads to look at each other} Us: "Who??"

Irene Quote Of The Day Tuesday June 8, 2010

I was visiting with my mother Irene this evening and she was trying to give me suggestions on what to have for supper. Two months ago she was telling my rear was big. Tonight she thinks I'm skinny. Go figure. Anyway, at some point during the conversation she asks me - here comes the quote - "Are you still eating Marie Osmond?" I'm thinking "Marie Osmond? She doesn't do that sort of thing. She's a Mormon." And then I realize Irene is talking about NutriSytem. Which, by the way, I am still on. But now I am supplementing it with M&M's and chips. Because I'm hungry damn it.

Vegas Love

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