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Clothes Make The Woman

Last week or so I mentioned in a quick post that I wasn't sure if my clothes matched. Earlier this week, I wore blue khakis with a white golf shirt and by the time I got to work, I realized I looked as though I was wearing the grade school uniform required by the city of Springfield, MA. Today is Friday, the day on which I usually go a little more casual. We can wear jeans every day but I don't, since I usually have meetings outside my building. The current clothes dilemma is three-fold  as follows: 1. I am wearing one of those bumpy textured type of shirts that I think they used to call seersucker so I thought I could get away without ironing but I don't know if that is necessarily true. 2.I am wearing blue jeans and my shirt has white, yellow, and blue lines. I'm not a big fan of the blue on blue or any other two same colors but have been known to dress as such on several occasions. I'm hoping that this outfit doesn't fall into that category. 3. This is a men&

Post Something, Anything.....

I couldn't stand to look at the picture of myself any longer so I needed to post something, anything, even though my brain was tired. So here it is, a photo from 2004 when I was in Maui.  We were informed by the captain just as we set sail that the seas were fairly rough that evening and that we would could possibly prevent having to use the motion discomfort receptacles if we popped a ginger pill or two that they were offering up at the bar area. Why he didn't mention that before we set sail is still a mystery to me. 

Did You Have A Nice Trip?

Turns out, it didn't take long at all for my next trick. I decided the fastest way down the stairs would be to skip several of them, going from the landing to the bottom, with a Yorkie under each arm, in just under 2 seconds. Then of course the smart thing to do is to go to work. Four hours later, walking became increasingly more painful and difficult. I left work early, came home, and went to the ER. The NP who treated me informed me the good news was it isn't broken and the bad news was it isn't broken. Hopefully it is just a bad sprain and I didn't damage any ligaments or tendons.  They were just about to discharge me with a pair of new crutches and a script for 600 mg ibuprofen when my brain decided that dry heaving, turning ghost white, and getting clammy while still on the stretcher in the hallway would get me some better scripts.  And it worked. After a shot of toradol in the bum and a script for percocet, I started to feel much better and was given the ok to lea

I See London, I See France, Looks Like CJ Wet Her Pants

I carry a back-pack to work. I guess you could call it my lesbian purse. Inside the back-pack are notebooks in which I track my work, my planner, and miscellaneous items like my water bottle.  As I approached my building today, I could feel the back of my pants were wet. Apparently the little do-hickey thingy (technical term) for my water bottle popped off without me noticing. The bottle had leaked in the back-pack and onto my backside, wetting all my notebooks and my pants. So glad I wore khakis today. I hid in my office, wearing my fleece jacket, until I felt the spot had dried and it was safe to come out.   Earlier this week, I finished my yogurt before I realized the spoon I was using was one I pulled out of the waste basket so it could be recycled. And you all know about the poop on my pillow. Tomorrow I'm thinking of walking around campus with a booger hanging out my nose. Or maybe with my fly down. Or perhaps I could just fart loudly at a team meeting.  Stay tuned for my nex


The youngest Yorkie had a case of the trots yesterday. When I saw her on the floor last night by the side of the bed,  I figured she had heard a noise and jumped down. When I got up this morning however, I realized a toilet 911 had transpired, the remains of which were on my off-white carpet (which was really off off-white at this point in time). As if that wasn't bad enough, apparently ol' pudding pants had attempted to make her way under the blankets, scootching head first, her butt against my pillow for a little leverage. I didn't find out until today about the graffiti she left behind on my pillow case. Thinking back, I vaguely remember asking myself if something smelled a little stinky last night. But I just chalked it up to a little Yorkie gas and went back to sleep.  Oh shit.

Saturday Morning Motorcycle Mishap

There were four of us riding in a group this morning, heading through Springfield on our way to Agawam, Mass. Mrs. Moto, the most experienced rider, was leading. A woman I had just met today, K, was second, I was third, and Blondie was the tail gunner.   Just after Mrs. Moto headed across a busy intersection, the light turned yellow. We were on a stretch of road that was loaded with "road snakes", those twisty,slippery asphalt patches. K hit the brakes to stop for the light and found herself in a nice skid. All I could think of was "Oh shit" as I saw her and her bike hit the ground directly in front of me. I move slightly to avoid running into her as I hit the brakes. It was then I saw Blondie on my left side suddenly slide a bit, hit the curb, and fall onto the island in the middle, her 500 pound bike landing on top of her knee. The "Oh Shit" was audible at this point. Mrs Moto pulled over from her spot down the road and ran toward us. A woman, who happen

30 Second Update

I bought an iPhone last weekend and it totally rocks. Work is very busy as I am trying to meet a Monday deadline to upgrade code on several programs and I think I may lose my mind doing it. My 84 year old mother took a header in her hallway this week, putting a gash in her head that required a trip to the hospital and stitches. The pool company opened the Wet Spot this week, which after a good vacuuming and some more chemicals, will be ready summer fun to start. I'm not so sure my shirt matches my pants today.

Fun At Fenway

This is a Monster Dog. I didn't finish this because I had to save room for some Cracker Jacks and beer.  The cost to eat at Fenway - Monster Dog $6.50, Miller Lite $7.50, Cracker Jacks $4.00, Peanuts $4.00, Bottle Water $3.50 (should have stuck with the beer). Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912 and I don't think much has changed except maybe this sign. The seats are tight, the concession area looks like an old subway station, and am I told there is a trough in the men's room. Can you imagine a trough in the women's room? How funny would that be? All those ladies with weak quads would fall right in.  The view from where I was sitting.    The second time - after I realized we were in the wrong seats for the first three innings. Hey - those row markers on the steps are pretty faded. Big Papi! That streak is the ball approaching the plate.  Wally The Green Monster. Not to be confused with the Monster Dog. I wouldn't eat Wally.

Wax on, Wax Off

Blondie: I thought you weren't wearing a jacket? CJ: Now I'm cold. It's a menopause thing. You should see me at work. Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off.   Maybe I should start calling it a fleece.

Provincetown Day 3

This is the deck which is off the condo. I don't own this place but I wish I did. The units are in two buildings - one building has units that are owned by individuals, the other has units that are rented as part of an inn.  The Pilgrim Monument can be seen in the background. This is Arnold the Poodle who hangs out in one of the speciality animal shops on Commercial Street. Adorable and friendly dog.   Lunch today was at the Post Office Cafe.  And then of course there was dinner. Another order of lobster mac & cheese but this time shared with a order of hanger steak. I think I have gained 5 pounds over the weekend.

Weekend in Provincetown Day 2

Day 2 was spent shopping, eating, and snapping pictures. The weather was still a little rainy and cloudy , but it cleared up by the end of the day. I'm getting ready to go out and play some more today!

Weekend In Provincetown Day 1

I'm sitting here in a condo in Provincetown, feeling like I am in a bit of a food coma from a huge bowl of Lobster mac & cheese, and watching America's Next Top Model. It was cloudy and a bit rainy here today, but who cares? I'm in Ptown, and I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. Ok, Tyra just told someone she was a little too old to model because she is 25 and another she was a little too short because she is only 5'9". So I guess that makes me an elderly dwarf. Have a great weekend all. More pics tomorrow.