What's Your Style

The office in which I work has a design style that is known as Brutalist Modern. Ouch! Sounds painful to me. My desk however has a style that is known as Mannillafolderist Messiness. A kinder, gentler style I think, don't you?


Mon said…
Haha..you have a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk just like I do. I'll have to take a picture of my cube.

I'm not sure what style my office has...government leftovers??
Anonymous said…
still tidier than mine..but I have an excuse I'm an old truck driver...:)))))
OC - Why am I not surprised? :)

I'd am curious to see what other treasures your cube holds.

This government building actually won some sort of design award. It's kind of stark - plain gray cement walls and hardly any carpeting.
Hey Robert - I always wondered what truck drivers kept in the cab to keep themselves amused on long hauls. I need commuting tips for my long drive.
Anonymous said…
Just a couple of comments...

1. It's a little less messy than I would expect it to be
2. Why aren't you wearing your shoes?
3. Looks like your chair took a leak or a poo on the floor.
4. Why don't you put all of the papers on your desk that you are not using in that box on top of your cube?
5. What is in your lunch bag?
6. You need a bigger monitor. How do they expect a developer to get any work done using that little screen?
7. No pictures? Not even of the doggies?
8. You need more desk room to write.

I tried to get to 10 but as you can see I didn't quite make it.

Overall, not a bad work area. :)
Hey Blondie:
1)I think that's a compliment.
2)I went to the gym - I have on sneakers so I can run out the door faster.
3)They don't clean the place well.
4)I am using all those papers.
5)Protein bars,yogurt, and gin.
6)I don't do a lot of work. It's all smoke and mirrors.
7)I have two pictures, you just can't see them. They are of the Coors Lite Twins.
8)Yes, I do need more room.
Cristina said…
I should take a picture of my "workstation" during this last minute push - you would wonder how in sams hill I know where anything is or anything gets done. It gets done because you will see travel coffee mug (with coffee), Coke (the beverage, and Monster Khaos drinks all over. I am going to have to detox (decaffienate) (I know I did not spell that right but oh well)after 4/15.
Cristina - Just keep thinking April 15th, April 15th, April 15th...

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