Shame on Sally Kern

From the Human Rights Campaign:

Last week, a secret recording emerged of a disturbing speech by Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern stating that homosexuality is a bigger threat to our nation than "terrorism or Islam." Rep. Kern has refused to apologize for her remarks.

This video is truly disturbing. To take action, go to the HRC website or to the Victory Fund.

And as for Sally. Sally, Sally, Sally. Do you realize how ignorant you sound? How foolish? Do you know how many people across the country think you are a hateful, miserable person?


What I really wanted to say to her was 'Bite Me' but I was trying not to stoop to that level.
Mon said…
OMG, that is truly frightening. I'll never in my life understand what causes such fear and hate. Thanks for posting this.
Pretty amazing OC that today it is still acceptable to bash a certain part of the population.

Fortunately I think there will be a big enough back lash with this to stir up some real trouble for Sally Kern.
Mon said…
Let's hope so....I'm almost tempted to post this on my blog as well, to get more people's attention, not that I have that big of a readership..but you know what I's just so dang frightening that people think like that, I know they do, but I don't understand it...I never have understood it.

Oh..and I have a word verification winner today...


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