It's Me, Weally

This is WiiJ. I don't own a Wii, but I have some friends that do and this is the Wii character they created for me. Those who have seen WiiJ say she bears a strong resemblance to me. Although they also agree that the smirk makes my character looks as though she has had a mini stroke. Those two round objects next to the bowling ball are hands. If they were something else, than that would definitely be a misrepresentation.


Anonymous said…
Boobs Bowling!
Anonymous said…
uhm... mini stroke, yeah. but the 'weally' made me lol.
Anonymous said…
I think it is a close resemblance... not as cute as you but still cute :)

The stroke victim smirk is kinda cute too!
Cristina said…
Stroke maybe, few to many green beers causing a smirk like that - probably.
Chewy - WiiJ is a bit top heavy, unlike me. The word 'wee' is appropriate for me (as opposed to wii).

Thank you OC! I just wish I could change the character into a pair of jeans and doc martens.

That's verwee nice of you Lyn! Ok, I'll stop now.

Thank you blondewii. Compliments will get you everywhere.
Hey Cristina - I think you may be right on that one.
Velvet Ginger said…
omg! that's funny!!!! i have never seen Wii played...i know country girl here.
your characture is cute though!
Anonymous said…
My name would be Chewwii or Chewii?

Or Chewyplaystation2.
I think Chewii would be my choice in names for you. Now you just need a Guitar Hero name.
Anonymous said…
Actually, it would be CheWii (capital W). ;)
Cristina said…
Would that make me CWiistina
Unknown said…
I am so happy to hear you don't have freak shaped green boobs. LOL
LOL Wendy. Even the guys look like that on Wii. It's kinda cute but weird.

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