The Birthday Party Was A Big Hit

From and other on-line sources today:

NATICK, Mass. (AP) — A child's birthday party at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant is cut short when a fight breaks out between two mothers.Natick police said the mom of the 9-year-old birthday boy apparently became enraged because the other woman's son was "hogging" an arcade game.Sgt. Paul Thompson said 38-year-old Catherine MyFormerNextDoorNeighbor and 33-year-old Tarsha SomeOtherLady, both of Boston, would be summoned into court to answer charges of simple assault and battery stemming from the scuffle.

This story was all over the internet and radio in Boston today. The mom of the 9-year-old birthday boy is my former next door neighbor from when I lived in Boston. Glad I remembered to return her cake plate.


Anonymous said…
man no good stuff likes that happens at the Chuckee Cheese near me...:))
Anonymous said…
I told ya she was a time bomb waiting to go off!!! tick, tick, tick

You forgot to mention that this crazy biotch is a SCHOOL TEACHER!! (gulp!)
Anonymous said…
Nothin' like a good chick fight! ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh! "Hogging" I heard the news report and thought the reporter said "Hugging an arcade game."

psst... I wasn't here. (wink)
I might be posting again on Friday.
Rita said…
I must say in all my trips to Boston I have yet to see a good fight! You would think I would have seen at least one dude fighting a Yankees fan!

Who knew I just needed to go to Chuckee Cheese!
I'll have to send my ex-neighbor up your way Robert. I'm sure she would like a re-match with this woman since the fight was broken up by the police.

Blondie - Kitty had her claws out. I'm sure the language was interesting if nothing else.

LOL Chewy. I don't think there was any hugging going on that night. I know her sons too. It's too bad they had to see their Mom act like that.

I can't really say that I have seen any fights either Rita. Who knew all I had to do was look next door for the Chuck E Cheese boxing champ!
Anonymous said…
She was an interesting neighbor, that is for sure.

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