Ladies - This Way

Imagine my disappointment when I followed the arrow and all I found was a toilet.


Unknown said…
LMAO...I would have complained!
Anonymous said…
We had so much fun! Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. :)
I was about to Wendy. I didn't think it was very nice to tease me like that :)
OMG Anonymous - You left a comment!!

Wouldn't have missed my buddie's birthday for anything!

I had a lot of fun too, despite the disappointment of no naked dancing ladies behind door number one.

Hope you, B and S enjoy Boston today.
Velvet Ginger said…
You have to admit that's a cool door!
Anonymous said…
False advertisement! At least I hope there was toilet paper.
Anonymous said…
That's one lucky little leprechaun!
Hi VelvetGinger - I thought it was pretty cool too. And unusal. It does catch your eye when you are in the place.

Thank goodness there was at least TP Chewy. The other side of the door was way more dull than what was promised. False advertising indeed!

I think the leprechaun traded in his pot of gold for a little something something Blondie.
Anonymous said…
damn what a tease...I wonder who the cruel person was that did that...:))))
Anonymous said…
Are you hiding on that toilet? (nudge)

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