April Fool

Boy, that line for the bathroom was long. Thankfully Chewy knocked on the door when she did.

I'm not one to play practical jokes on people. In fact, I think most practical jokes suck. However, I did think of one thing that might give me a chuckle next week on April Fool's Day.

I would love to find a Bigfoot costume and walk across my back-40 property and across the fields behind my neighbor's houses. I'm laughing now just thinking about it. I can just picture them looking out their kitchen windows, yelling for their somone to get them a camera. Oh man, I would pee myself.

There's a good chance however, that I would probably get shot at if I ever attempted this. That's a high price to pay for entertaining myself. Besides, summer will be here shortly and my neighbors will get enough of a scare when I throw on my bathing suit. And since I've gone all winter without shaving, I wouldn't need a Bigfoot costume.*

*Kidding about the shaving, really!


Cristina said…
No you're not. You know it's true; you have not shaved all winter.
Cristina - You weren't supposed to tell anyone! BTW, can I borrow you weed wacker?
Velvet Ginger said…
I like the Big Foot outfit idea for April Fools Day...I am 5'10" so I volunteer to wear the costume for you!
Hi VelvetGinger - 5'10" beats me. What are you doing next Tuesday? LOL.
Anonymous said…
Imagine this CJ...

.... you put on the Big Foot costume... go out to the back 40... and hump the moose out there!!

The neighbors would LOVE it!

Velvet Ginger said…
Well I am up for it as long as I don't have to hump blonde's moose cj!
Anonymous said…
Dear Hairy One,

"I'm not one to play practical jokes on people."

Yea, right!
Anonymous said…
velvetginger, not to worry, it is a great big wooden moose silhouette. harmless really. but OMG that would be sooooo funny!!!
LOL Blondie! That is funny!

VelvetGinger - No worries. You can ignore the moose!

Hey Chewy - Honest, I'm not a prankster. I just find a lot of stupid things funny :) Wait - does posting old photos on my blog of unsuspecting relatives count as a prank?
Anonymous said…
Dated the Moose once. Didn't work out. Her breath stunk of moss. She did have legs that went on for days however.
Mon said…
OMG, I'm dying here, that is too funny. I love it!!!!!
Anonymous said…
ok I am now on the point of having to pee...stop it...:))))
Cristina said…
Hey now - weed wacker?!?! I don't want to have 2 shock like I did my favorite X.
Velvet Ginger said…
growing up in the mountains of Wyoming I have a fondness for Moose...but NOT that way! It's almost April!
Hey OC and Robert - I first thought about this when I moved here last year. There's a field and then woods behind my house. Perfect set up to have Sasquatch just appear out of nowhere.
Mon said…
You know, I could probably do that at my house and pull it off, we have forest land right across the street.

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