Happy Evacuation Day!

I know Evacuation Day doesn't officially occur until March 17th, but I couldn't wait to start the celebration. It's one of my favorite Suffolk County holidays! And besides, who doesn't love a three day weekend in the middle of March that just happens to coincide with St. Patrick's Day.

Ok, for those of you still confused, here's the low down. In March of 1776 the Continental troops forced the British army to evacuate Boston. In 1901 Evacuation Day was created as an official holiday to be celebrated in Suffolk County, Cambridge, and Somerville.

Even though I do not live in Boston anymore, working there does have some perks. And this is one of them. As is Bunker Hill day in June but that's a topic for another post.

So fire up your muskets and grab a mug of green beer. It's time to celebrate!


Cristina said…
Oh dear, those poor little creatures. Tell me it ain't so, it wasn't your idea.
Well sorta. They didn't like it very much. Wouldn't Dude look cute with some shamrock ears?
Anonymous said…
I sense some alcoholic consumption in your future...I know it's a gift I have had since childhood...:))))
You have been tagged, but not in an Irish kind of way.
Anonymous said…
the pups look like they're in the spirit. evacaation day. hmmm. who knew. enjoy!
Anonymous said…
oh duh. i created a new word. sorry for double commenting -- but i really do know how to spell evacuation.
I see Robert has been honing his psychic abilities. There is this St. Patrick's Day party I am going to this evening. ....
Hey Lynt - No worries about the double comment or spelling. I'm famous for both.

The pups are all dressed and ready to go. Now if I could only teach them to drive I would be all set.
Anonymous said…
The girlz look horrified! Actually, they look like little furry Irish martians!

I did notice one thing missing however... where is their green beer?

Oh yes, we definitely could use a DD for the hooley tonight!

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