I Can See Clearly Now

I stumbled out of bed early this morning, walked into the bathroom and flipped on the light. I could see! It must be a St. Patrick's Hooley* miracle. But wait a minute. St. Patrick is not the patron saint of nearsightedness. No, that would be St. Bauschandlomb. So if it's not a miracle then what is it? Oh big dummy, you forget to take out your contacts last night. Wonder why?

After chiseling my lenses off of my eyeballs, a process which is not easy to do with contacts that are supposed to be removed before going to bed, I looked down at my blurry hand. "That's not going to be easy to get off", I thought.

I'm thinking my memoir from yesterday's post should have read a bit differently. Perhaps this one can serve as my backup - Shouldn't have had that last beer.

And yes, that fake tattoo is still stuck to my hand, even after trying to scrub it off in the shower. Except now it looks worse.

*Hooley - The American version of a *ceilidh, a Gaelic party with music and revelry.


Mon said…
Aside from the stuck contacts..that sounds fun. I think your two comments probably go hand in hand...I'm still working on trying to figure one out.
Mon said…
Yeah...only one word verification try this time, I'm excited...I must be getting better with my commenting skills!
Anonymous said…
Oh God I was drunk last night let me do a body check..I might have one of those...:)))
I'm still messing up on the word verification OC. It's the 'q' and 'g' that are getting me I think.
If you do Robert, let's hope it's not the permanent type!
Anonymous said…
Oh, man... I only had one beer.
Mon said…
So did you ever get them out?
OC, it is gone! Although I do think at times I would like an actual one (but not on my hand).
Mon said…
I mean the contacts silly, not the fake tatoo's., but what kind do you want? I never wanted one until recently, and I'm not even sure if I do now.
Oh yes - contacts came out and eyeballs stayed in. So that was good.

I keep thinking I want a tatoo on my lower back -some sort of symbol that would have personal meaning. It's just so permanent that I'm afraid to actually do it. That sounds wimpy doesn't it?
Mon said…
That doesn't sound wimpy at all, and I'm really glad your eyeballs stayed put!
Cristina said…
CJ - don't get one on your lower back - take it from the tattoo's one - and no, I do not have one on my lower back. Leg, Arm, Neck, Shoulder & Feet (yes, I said feet) and I would never do my lower back.
Why Cristina - too painful?
Cristina said…
No - not really, I just think the lower back is a "right of passage" kind of tattoo for the 20 something just getting into body art. It's just an opinion. The feet - now that hurt - I actually hurt poor Patricia's hand squeezing it at one point, but I think they (the tattoos on the top of my feet) are very sexy. No need to have anyone else tell me *wink*, she likes them too.

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