Hey Doll!

I recently got a cute email that was entitled "If You Were A Little Girl In The 70's..". The email described many of the things you may have owned if you were a young female during that wonderful era. Here is one of the items:

I did not own these. Because I wasn't a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll. I was a little bit lesbian. Sure, I had the bike with the banana seat, the Magic 8 Ball, and the soundtrack from Grease. But my taste in dolls was a bit different. I owned this:

I also had Big Jim's buddy Big Josh. They would travel around my room in their Big Jim Camper, complete with sleeping bags and cooking utensils. I don't know if Big Jim and his friend were more gay or if I was. Oh well, at least I never lived in the closet next to a Magic 8 Ball.


Anonymous said…
my banana seat bike was purple. does that qualify as an early indicator of anything?

funny stuff...
Mon said…
I didn't have those, but I remember them....
Rita said…
Boys had so many more fun toys than girls. It's a wonder that my mother bought me dolls at all....
Velvet Ginger said…
How funny!!!! I didn't have a donny & marie set...I DID have a Mary Poppins Doll though! Have any of you heard of the James & Josie West set? Our neighbor girls had it and gave us a few of the rejects when they got tired of them!
Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I had a Big Jim doll too!

But my absolute favorites were the Sunshine Family barbie-like dolls. They had cute Precious Moments faces and there was a Mom, a Dad and a baby.

I also had a Chatty Cathy doll (not a barbie type doll but a doll doll) but I cut her hair short and made her a Chatty Chuck.

Hmm... is that an early indicator? I was definitely NOT mean to be a hair stylist, I can tell you that much!

Oh! And what about the Archie Bunker nephew doll that had a little penis? I had one of those too but I couldn't let my mom know about THAT one.

ROTFLMAO reminiscing...

Paper Roses.... Paper Roses...
Anonymous said…
I'm a bit older. I had GI Joe. I asked for him. Then I got Barbie. I didn't ask for her. I settled by playing Tarzan with them. Joe was Tarzan and Barbie was Jane. Both clad in scraps of leopard material swinging on ropes I tied around my parents' bedroom. Ha!

Also Rat Patrol, all the guys, and a cool jeep with a gun mount, the robot from Lost in Space and Ben Cartwright and his horse. Yee-haw!

I posted a Haiku today... running off on my break again.
As long as you never asked for a pink bike Lynt, I think the purple one may qualify you for a toaster oven.

Hey OC. I laugh when I think about it now but those things were so cool at the time.

I agree Rita. The boys had toys that were way more fun. I'm lucky my parents didn't mind buying them for me.

Hi VelvetGinger - I've never heard of James & Josie West. We're they cowboys or cowboy/cowgirl?

Love the Paper Roses and the Chatty Chuck references Blondie. LOL. The Archie Bunker newphew doll and the Sunshine Family are new to me.

Hey Chewy - Glad to hear your posting again!
That was very clever of you to incorporate Barbie into the scene with Joe. Funny you got her without asking.
Anonymous said…
I use to run over ny sisters Barbie with my bike when I was a kid..which she claims has given her severe mental trauma later in life...:)))))))))))))))))

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