You Don't Pay Me To Spell Correctly (I hope)

Anyone who reads my blog has realized that I am a terrible speller. At work, I have the spell check set to check all my emails right before they are sent. Occasionally, I hit 'accept' for the suggested change when I should have hit 'ignore'. Below is a line from an email I sent out the other day where I should have instructed the spell checker to leave the word 'pagelet' alone.
"Would it be possible for you to create a separate Tab in Portal Test (PT1) with just the Company Directory piglet on it?"
Oh my. Yes, ever the consummate professional, I replied to my error with the following:

"The Company Directory piglet resides next to the Winnie the Pooh pagelet."

At least one person in the office got a kick out of it. As for the rest, they are just happy my contract ends in June.


Anonymous said…
You are so funny.

One time the Director of IT at one of my old jobs wrote "Sorry for any incontinence this may have caused you." (was supposed to be inconvenience and not incontinence)

And the same guy wrote "inishitives" instead of initiatives.

I think he must have had crap on his mind a lot. lol
Funny Blondie! Ok, now I don't feel so bad. I think those two examples are worse.
Mon said…
I can so relate to this, I hate that my spelling is so bad, and worse, sometimes I can look at a word for a long time, that is spelled correctly and decide it's not and change it to a misspell.
Velvet Ginger said…
But Piglet is great!
I can spell...I just type worth a sh_t! Yes I am the typo queen.
Anonymous said…
oh the wonderful thing about tiggers... i LOVED your response. this is the sort of thing i do that falls completely flat with the 97% of the office. and i wonder why they tilt they head when we share an elevator...
Anonymous said…
Hello--you have a delightful blog, a wonderfully fun read. I do beleive a sense of humor trumps a typo/mispelling every time! I shall herein refer my corporate director to your coporate director in the 100 acre wood!(as you can see, spelling is not my forte either)
OC I know how you feel. Even with spellcheck, I still make too many mistakes.

Hi Velvet - I love Piglet and Pooh and the whole gang. I have on Tigger unmentionables today :)

Hey Lynt - I'm lucky I work in a place where not a day goes by without a really good laugh. It makes the day so much more bearable.

Thank you Em. I almost fogot about the 100 acre wood. Maybe that's where I should ask them to place the pagelet!
Okay, ya have me laughing every time I stop by.
Thank you Hahn. I appreciate you stopping by for a visit!

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