Road Trip

Heading out to my old stomping ground this weekend. Off to Boston for a night of fun and frivolity. Of course I plan to drive by my old house. Maybe I'll run into my former next door neighbor(Moms Brawl At Chuck E Cheese Party) and ask her when the next bout is scheduled. In this corner, weighing - better not say. She's bigger than I am and could probably take me. Maybe I'll just leave a pizza and some boxing gloves at her doorstep, ring the bell, and run.

Those Boston girlz are just so rough and tough. That's why I love 'em.


Mon said…
Hope you have a blast...what a great picture of you!
Hey thanks OC. I appreciate the nice comment.

Boston was great! I got to see Antigone Rising again. It was an awesome show!
Mon said…
I still need to check them soon as I get things set up on my new computer, I think I'll look for them on iTunes...what genre of music are they?

word verification..nzoxl
Anonymous said…
Hey CJ,
Looks like a fun group-o-gals. (chuckle) I'm going back to Boston the end of May staying 2 nights this time. Woo-Hoo!
Cristina said…
Ya know, I do need to make a Boston road trip, the last time I was there was for the Womens Final Four.
Anonymous said…
Awww! How sweet. I like that cute one in the glasses...
Hey OC - I guess I would classify them as rock although they do have some mellow songs too. I think I have every one of their songs on my iPod. And there's not one that I don't like. And yes, they are on Itunes. PS - I like the new pic.

Hi Chewy - Yes, this is the Boston gang. These ladies are a lot of fun.
May is a great time to be in Boston. The weather is so nice and most of the students have gone home so things are not so crowded. And the Red Sox will be in season :).

Yes Cristina, you are due. But before you go there you need to come to western Mass so we can go to the Noho brewery. I promise to behave this time. Maybe.

Stealth! Great to hear from you. I miss your blog!
I thought you would like the older one in the yellow..
Just kidding. The one is the glasses is a sweetie. And she is really fun to hang with.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah! The hottie in yellow! Didn't see her. WooHoo! Yummy.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Neighbor's head is the size of Nebraska! No wonder she is the Chuck E Cheese Champ!
Anonymous said…
I think the one in the hat is kinda cute ;)

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