For Here Or To Go?

The question of the week is: If you were on death row, what would you choose for your last meal? This question is obviously more important if you live in Texas or Florida. Here in Massachusetts it's a pretty safe bet we won't ever have to ponder this but it's something to think about just in case.


My choice is a large tuna sub, white albacore, with american cheese, lettuce, and tomato. I would also like a side of Lay's potato chips and a coke. For dessert, chocolate chip cookies.
Cristina said…
Filet Mignon w/ crumbled blue cheese & balsamic reduction, asparagas and merlot mashed potatoes.

Okay probably won't get that so how 'bout a gilled cheese w/ extra cheese, sliced beefsteak tomato & bacon with katsup for dipping. Ruffles and a diet coke.
Rita said…
A double decker BLT with Lay's chips, pickle and a nice glass of lemonade. Ahhhhhh.....

**note to self re: lunch tomorrow**
Anonymous said…
Filet Mignon with a garlic butter sauce and lazywoman's lobster scampi (droooool), big glass of Truro Vineyards white wine, a hot buttered roll, some shoepeg white corn, and for dessert a piece of german chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and/or one of my mom's upsidedown bottomless chocolate cream cheese cupcakes (mmm mmm good).

Hmmm... did I forget anything? Maybe a glass of ice water too. And maybe a diet pepsi vanilla because afterall it is my last meal so I may as well try to get everything that I like. Right? Come to think of it... I would also like some See's Peanut Brittle (the best in the world!).

Gotta go stuff my gob now... this is making me hungry! lol
Anonymous said…
first the doggie pix are too cute for words. now you've got me salivating and dying to know what lazy woman's lobster scampi is...clearly i'm not from the east coast.

so i had to comment, not just because i follow rita everywhere. she has good taste. except for that bacon thing.

and, ummm, marion's pizza, deluxe, w/a side of mike sell's green onion potato chips. oreos and milk.
Ronia Nash said…
As much lobster, shrimp, oysters and steamers as possible!
Good job ladies!

Lynt - Can't say that I've heard of mike sell's green onion potato chips but I would love to try them. I'm pretty sure lazywoman's lobster scampi is the same thing as shrimp scampi but with lobster meat. Yummy!

I see Rita is a sandwich fan like myself!
Cristina and Blondie - Filet sounds great. Although the thought of a grilled cheese is making me hungry.

Hey Ronia - How about some chowda with your lobstah?
Unknown said…
A big juicy steak, loaded baked potatoe...fresh dinner role...and an entire chocolate cake...and milk.
Sounds good Wendy. I could actually go for that now, even though it is only 5:00 AM here.

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