Is It Cold In Here?

Like a lot of people her age, my mother often feels chilly. So, my family bought her a fleece warm-up jacket for Christmas to help keep her warm around the house. A typical phone conversation with my mother goes like this:

Irene: It's cold in the house today.
CJ: Why don't you put on that fleece jacket we gave you. That will keep you warm.
Irene: I don't want to wreck it. I'm saving it for best.
CJ: How are you going to wreck it? We'll buy you another one if you spill something on it.
Irene: I had a big lunch today.

I was driving home from work one evening this week, thinking about an errand I had to do and how it was going to be cold out. Then I remembered my nieces had bought me a Springfield College hooded sweatshirt for Christmas that I had not worn yet. Because I did not want to wreck it. It's white and I am afraid I will spill something on it so I'm saving it for some unknown occasion.

Oh shit.


Cristina said…
So, will ya be sporting that white hoodie tonight so we can spill something on it (heehee), and I would never spill intentionally. I am actually a very neat eater & like my "adult beverages" too much to spill.
Anonymous said…
Like mother, like daughter. (smile)
No way Cristina. I can't take any chances. :) I'm a spiller!

I won't even wear my maroon Chicopee High hoodie out of the house.
Anonymous said…
I added to my Morganetta post to answer your very astute question.
Hey Chewy -If I start to perm my hair,drink Arbor Mist in tiny little cordial glasses, and read Danielle Steel, then please call for an intervention stat.

Regarding Moganetta - I had no idea she was the inspiration for Horton. That makes me miss her all the more. I used to love going to Forest Park. Remember that big white polar bear? And oh that smell in the Monkey House!
Anonymous said…
Frank's Redhot and Jack Daniels shows up on white trust me.....:))))
Unknown said…
Don't you love that moment when you realize you are exactly like your mother and her mother??!!
drowning pisces said…
WEAR IT!!!!! Life's too short!
Hey Robert - Frank's RedHot and Jack Daniels sounds like a scary combination. And tough to get out of a white sweatshirt. I better stay clear.
I try not to think about it too much Wendy :).
Your right Pisces. Ok, this is the weekend. I am going for it!

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