You Graduated From Where?

While cleaning up some of the school names in a database at work, I came across an interesting entry. I thought it may be a typo so I did an online search when I got home. Dyke College in Cleveland, OH appears to be or have been a real institution.

Can you imagine the cheers at the sporting events? "We are Dykes and we couldn't be prouder! And if you can't hear us will yell a little louder!" Or how about "Sack that quarter back, here comes the Dyke attack!". And who doesn't love "Around the rim and sink it in! Go Dykes!"


Anonymous said…
Having fun with yourself at work, eh?
Sure, have to have fun at work.

I was thinking of making some business cards:
CJ Consulting, Inc - PeopleSoft Application Development. I'm not happy till you're not happy.
Anonymous said…
mmm interesting name which brings forth all kinds of smartass comments...:)))
Cristina said…
Did I ever tell you I watch sports for the cheerleaders - riiigghht. Do Gykes!!!
Hey Cristina - I know why you have those season WNBA tickets. :)
Cristina said…
Ya wanna be a "safe date" some time. They have a dance squad that, well lets just say, I like the dance squad.

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