On Your Mark, Get So, Go!

I have a an application going live this weekend, which means I will be spending way too much time working in Boston and not enough time blogging this week. I did make the rounds yesterday visiting all my favorites. Sorry I was unable to leave any comments. I left the house at 5:15 AM and did not return until after 8:00 PM (small violins should start playing now) and so my brain was mush by the time I go to the computer.

Hopefully I can sneak in a few posts this week that will be as fascinating and captivating as this one which I would rate about as fun as watching paint dry.


Anonymous said…
I keep a blow dryer on hand to quicken the paint drying process.
Anonymous said…
That's okay, CJ, we love you and we are just happy that you have a blog for us to read at all. :)
Anonymous said…
just a sec I need to warm up..my vilon playing is a little rusty..:))))
Thanks Blondie. Your check is in the mail.
LOL Chewy. I hope you don't blow a fuse this week when you visit!
Hey Robert - I think I saw your violin next to your boots!

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