An Email With A Twist

When sending email from work, it is a good idea to tell the recipient to remove your address if she intends on forwarding it. I got an email today with an attached video about lemons and how disease producing bacteria live on the rinds and ultimately end up in your drink. The originator of this piece, whom I shall call Ms. Lemon, is someone who works for the State of Alabama DOT. Wouldn't she be interested to know that her email went from person to person and eventually wound up in Massachusetts in the hands of someone she never met. I thought she would be. So I emailed her back:

From: Ms Lemons Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 11:09 AM
Subject: Drinks with Lemons

I'll be re-thinking the whole lemon thing!!EWWWWWWW! Nasty.

Martini Cartwheels to Ms. Lemons

Me too Ms. Lemons. That's just nasty. Do you think it affects limes as well? Thanks for passing that along!

I am patiently awaiting her response.


Velvet Ginger said…
I beleive they have proved it to exist in all citrus. They have strict laws here in AZ re: bringing citrus in from another areas.
Thanks for the fruit awarness! lol
Anonymous said…
mmm see if I forward any more naughty emails ....:))))
Hey Robert - I try to not to send any personal emails from work. You never know who might end up seeing what you wrote! BTW, Ms. Lemon has not emailed me back. Probably thought I was her boss checking up on her.
Hi Velvet - I had punch last night at an event and there was an orange slice floating in my cup. I removed the slice but I'm sure the damage, if any, was already done. Yuck.
No more G&Ts for me Pisces! I'm sticking to beer, wine, or water.
Anonymous said…
When I forward emails I always BCC everyone *and* write in "If you decide to forward this email please remove my email address header information before doing so." I hope that people do remove my info but it is doubtful. :(
Rita said…
Oh great....little did I know that my "last meal" - that included lemonade - could really end things even quicker! Go figure....
Anonymous said…
Everyone needs to learn about BCC - Blind Carbon Copy. BLIND! I hate my email address flying around the internet to complete strangers. - grrr
Me too Chewy. It was probably fresh of me to email the originator of the chain, but I wanted to show folks just where your email address can end up if you're not careful. Plus it gave me a little chuckle to picture her face as she read it. She never did email me back.
Unknown said…
Maybe that is how the Kind of TenBuckTwo got my email address to tell me I had inheritated 235 million us dollars and he was tracking me down to tell me about my winnings and all I needed to do to claim said winnings was give him my bank info, blood type, and my first born son...hmmmm
Mon said…
I saw that not too long ago, and I have to say I'll never look at lemons in drinks quite the same way. It always amazes me the emails I get at work, and who they are from as well. It's not that hard to remove the info before passing it along, and as I have an auto sig in my work email, I take pains to do that, but it amazes me who doesn't. Great post, and I am really enjoying your blog.
Hi OC - Thank you very much!

I don't think I will ever ask for a lime in my Corona again. Yuck.

Regarding the address on the emails - I am shocked when I look at all the names that come from each forward. Most of them seem to be business email addresses. I don't think people realize how far one email can be passed along.

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