Have You Seen Us Follow-Up

Regarding the previous post - I 've identified the woman in the picture as Debra Jackson. So for those of you interested in picking up a similar swim suit, you now know where you can get one.


Anonymous said…
Dollar Palace? I want a crwon.
Cristina said…
I just want to know is this for real? My goodness, I though going to Maine and having all the toothless people smiling at you was bad...Dollar Palace - Vewwy Scawwy.
I love that name. Dollar Palace - C'mon Down To The Castle, Where The Dollar Is King.
Ok, so if one of us goes, we have to get a crown for Chewy and some fake teeth for Cristina. I want a Stars and Bars bikini and some Huckabee flip flops.
Cristina said…
Oh hunnay - there will be no stars-n-bars for anyone I call friend. If I find a Dollar Palace I will probably walk in to find u a rainbow bikini and you can have the Huckabee flip flops. Walking in there just might blind me though.
Anonymous said…
On my Christmas gift list I have several candidates...:)))
Anonymous said…
I need a visual of what getting dressed up for Walmart looks like vs. dressing down for the Dollar Palace. The stars and bars bikini was perfect for a visual. I need a Dollar Palace visual. Do you think you could find one for me?
Cristina said…

Here's the best I can do 4 u Blondie.
Anonymous said…
Happy V-Day!
Did we drown yesterday or what?
Cristina said…
Alright, as much as I hate to I'm gonna say it anyway - Happy V Day CJ. Off to my "safe date." Her husband wants her home by 8ish.
Hey Robert - We're not fortunate to have a Dollar Palace, only a Dollar Store. Very upsetting.
A rainbow bikini would be cool Cristina.

Hope you have fun tonight!
Hey Chewy - Nice day here yesterday huh? I wimped out and worked from home.
Hey Blondie - I think Cristina hooked you up with some pics!

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