Have You Seen Us?

I don't think these people are from Massashusetts. If they were, the woman would be wearing a Red Sox bikini instead of the Stars and Bars and she would be holding a Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Who are these people and why are they making there way across the internet? Whenever somebody sends me this, I can't get the music "Dueling Banjos" from the movie Deliverance out of my head. Ba na na na na na na na na.


Anonymous said…
You look really, really different in a bikini and who is the guy?
Ronia Nash said…
I don't know what is worse: that body in that bikini or YOU posting it!
LOL Chewy! Ok, you caught me. That's me and my common-law husband Rascal.
Hey Robert - We have a few of those fine looking couples here in New England. The suit may be a little different but not much else.
Sorry Ronia. I couldn't resist. But it's not quite as bad as my orange shorts post from a couple of weeks back. Or is it?
Ok - Correction on the spelling of Deliverance complete. That's what I get for making fun.
Cristina said…
Oh honey, this is way worse than the orange shoahts.
Hey thanks Cristina. I was worried there for a bit that I had blinded you all with those shorts.
Cristina said…
It won't be the shoahts that blind me.
Anonymous said…
Now there's a way to ruin a picturesque setting...I am not a betting person but I would lay my dollar on the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Yeeha frequent the dollar store, always vote Republican, and don't root for those Yankee Patriots. Be assured they do eat lots of those Packzi (sp?) donuts you so fondly described...where did you find that pic? someone just sent me one of their cousin...I'll forward it to you :)
Hello Anonymous - A buddy of mine sent me that pic. And thanks for forwarding the cousin. Oh my oh my.

Loved your comment. Thank you for visiting!

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