Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who's That On Your Back?

In honor of tonight's 80th Academy Awards, I feel obligated to answer the following:

Who am I wearing?

Pants by Vermont Flannels, a T-shirt from some vendor in Faneuil Hall, and Wicked Good Slippers from L.L. Bean.

Yes, a fashion plate I know. I'm ready for my close-up.


lynt said...

almost as intriguing as the 'last meal on death row'. you didn't ask us to play, but:

* appalachian state sweatshirt
* champion/C9 yoga pants
* mossimo long-sleeve t
* really old socks

CJ said...

Sounds very cozy Lynt. Perfect for a Sunday night!

Anonymous said...

Black sweats by Champion. (i get cold easy)

CJ said...

Looks like we are all sharing similar tastes when it comes to Sunday night lounge wear. My pants were actually more like PJ bottoms. Not red carpet attire but very comfy.

Anonymous said...

sweat pants from Walmart..souvenir t shirt from Richmond socks no slippers....:)))

CJ said...

Don't your feet get cold Robert?