Why The Recycle Men Hate Me

So I missed a week and the recycles accumulated a bit. How in the world am I supposed to fit everything in that tiny little blue bucket provided by the town?


Anonymous said…
Actually, the recyclable people come every other week so that there is more like 6 weeks worth of stuff!

You need a bigger blue bucket.
Velvet Ginger said…
WOW! They definitely need to give you a biger bucket! At least you recycle...good job on all those items!
Mon said…
I'm just jealous you have curbside recycling. We have no such luxury, although we do have a great dump site with lots of recycling options for toxic stuff, as well as the normal cardboard, alum and the like.
Anonymous said…
Dad bought 5 - $12 stickers for bulk pickup - the Big Y clerk only charged him $8 each. He put out his 5 items (without stickers) on Saturday (pick-up wasn't until Weds.) since his brother was in town to help him lug out the heavy junk.

5 minutes later a man in a truck took 4 of the items. A broken treadmill, another workout machine, a broken snowblower and a big table umbrella. So Dad then put out 4 more items. They disappeared. Then he put out 4 old wobbly wooden chairs. By now it was Wednesday, so he put the stickers on them. The regular garbage truck came along... took off the stickers and threw the chairs in with the regular trash and crushed them. Hmm? Looks like he didn't need to purchase the stickers afterall!

The fifth item that no one took? My old computer monitor. Not even the bulk pick-up would take it.
Anonymous said…
I think there must be an old monitor graveyard somewhere because no one seems to pick them up so where do they all go?

TVs too.
Shrinky said…

At least you make an effort, far more than I do. (Great pic, still laughing..)
Velvet Ginger said…
Chewy kind of had a recycling disaster story there.....lol
Samantha said…
Wow! First off I had to play "where's waldo" to even find the blue bucket! You recycle though which is better than me. I'm too lazy to sort...I let the lady that lives down stairs come take my pop cans I put in a bag for her. Another neighbor takes my paper after I read it(I leave it for him, he doesn't break in or anything). I guess in a way I am recycling....in the lazy as possible way. If I had to haul it out to the curb it would be a deal breaker!

Chewy's story cracked me up! I was helping a friend move. (Really I was just there to get back all the shoes and clothes she had borrowed and never brought back..I am too lazy to help someone move!)Anyway we carried this heavy ass couch downstairs and sat it on the sidewalk until her brother pulled the truck around. We went back in to get something else, come back out and someone is loading up the couch! WTF? Appearantly sitting stuff on the sidewalk or by street means it is there for anyone to take. I would totally take the broken work out equipment though...it would be an excuse for people who aske me why I don't work out!
yes, AWESOME you recycle all that stuff! we have to take it to the recycle places ourselves, so you are lucky!
We get a giant blue container on wheels - it's bigger than the garbage can - and I still fill it. Same for yard waste.

We also have a place to take electronics - we just drive up and sit in the car - they unload it and we write down our name and address - same with batteries, paint, etc.

It's kind of cool as I remember paying for green waste bags at like a buck a pop in Nebraska - cost more than some small countries per capita income during the fall when the leaves fell. What a racket.
Cristina said…
Kudos to all the green monsters here.
Yes Belle I do!

Thank you Rubye Jean. I'd be better if my bin was bigger :)

We are lucky OC. They come every other week so things tend to accumulate.

You have to pay for bulk pick-up here Chewy? In Boston, they would take just about anything. Well, I guess after what you said you don't actually have to pay for it here either. What did you end up doing with the monitor?

I try Shrinky. At least they took it all. I'm surprised they didn't drop half of it on the lawn.

I love the couch story Samantha. Can you imagine if you were too late and saw them driving away with it?

It is nice Ms. Creek to be able to just bring it out to the curb. Of course I never do it the night before and the recyle trucks comes at 7:00 AM. At least it gets me up at a decent hour!

Hey Hahn - That's it. Next time I go to CA I am stealing one of those giant blue containers. Better nail yours down.

Cristina - Would that be green monstah like at Fenway pahhk?
Cristina said…

It is Green Monstahh any way u want it to be.
Oh Cristina ,I love it when you talk like that babe. Call me.
Cristina said…
I should publish a book - The trouble I'd find. I think it is time for a Brewery night - Belle can you guys come out and play huh huh huh pweeease - I pwomice to not get thrown out or get you guys thrown out.

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