What Grace, What Style, What The...?

"Bump My Bum" Billy performing his famous Bouncing Arse Dive , "How Ya Like Me Now" Heather executing a flawless "Let's Shake On It Dive" and me doing my "Point To The Nearest Shed Dive". Summer is fun.



Looks like nice refreshing fun to me!
I'm jealous!
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure that you can really call those things "dives"!
Anonymous said…
Not one cannonball?
Velvet Ginger said…
Cute dives!
We had the "goober" dive when I was a kid!
Samantha said…
The guy in the first one looks like he is going to be in pain for a while. And can you dive while holding your nose?? :)
Hey Ms. Creek - We did have a lot of fun that night. It's supposed to be a hot weekend here so I'm hoping to get in more swim time.

I think those do qualify as dives Blondie. If you watch the Olympics this August, I bet you will see some 3 meter "Point To The Nearest Shed" dives where the preferred entry is feet first.
I know Chewy, you would think there would be at least one cannonball. I'm going to work on those this weekend.

Ok Rubye Jean, what the heck is the "Goober Dive"? I want to see pictures of that.
Hey Samantha - Thank you for stopping by. Funny, Billy did mention something about being in a little bit of pain from his dives. Poor Bill is the only one we know who can do great flips off the board so we make him do tricks for us everytime he goes in the pool. But we reward him with beer so it's all good. Oh, and diving while holding your nose actually earns you bonus points :)

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