Failed Marriages - Who Is To Blame?


The state Senate voted swiftly and unanimously yesterday to strike down a 95-year-old law that blocks gay and lesbian couples from most other states from being married in Massachusetts..

So I thought this video may be appropriate for today.


This is fabulous. I am so stealing it for tonight.

And, yet, some people will take this seriously.

Have a good weekend CJ
Anonymous said…
OMG! This is the funniest vid I have ever seen. Now... CJ... how the heck did you find this little gem?
Samantha said…
OMG this is great!! I have to share this! It is sad...there are people who believe just this way. It must be nice to live in a world where you can blame everything wrong in your life on someone else!!
Janet said…
Funny and smart.
Anonymous said…
That's hilarious. Awesome news about that law changing. That rocks!
Glad you ejnoyed this Lori. I got a huge kick out of it. Go Massachusetts and California!
Hey Chewy - I found this while watching another video on the HRC site. I just love the guy's face - so sad "because the gays are married" !
It is sad Samantha that so many folks feel this way. I feel so lucky to live in Massachusetts where at least the legislature is on our side (for now anyway).
I thought this was really clever Janet. I got a good chuckle when I saw this.
Tell your friends to come on down Karen if they think CA is too far to travel. They are welcome here!
Wendy! I have been stopping by checking for new posts. I have missed you too!

You can only blame your dog for eating your shoes if she is gay. Fortunately, my two girlz are.
Mon said…
OH CJ....that is Fab! Where on earth did you find this?
I got this video OC at the HRC site. I was actually watching another very cool video and then I discovered this one as well.

Here is the link:

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